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by:Xinglin     2019-09-09
Creating art works with pubic hair is not a new idea.Works of art thousands of years ago show that men and women remove or shape pubic hair by pulling or scraping their hair.Ouch!Fortunately, there are now products dedicated to grooming pubic hair, including dedicated shaving creams or gels, lotions, preservatives and templates.
Some popular pubic hair designs are basic bikini (inverted triangle), Diamond, landing strip, heart, star, happy face, butterfly, check mark, lips and square!Follow the steps below to create a beautiful design that makes you feel sexy to put on or take off your clothes!The first step is to buy the supplies you need to buy, the transparent shaving gel made for pubic hair, so that you can see where you shave, A small comb, scissors, a mirror and a razor with a new blade after shaving with sa, Template, pencil.Step 2 trim your hair to decide if you need to trim your pubic hair before shaving.If the hair is trimmed to about 1/4 or how long the design shape you want, it makes the whole process easier.
Step 3 take a shower or shower to soften your pubic hair and skin by soaking in a warm bubble bath or taking a long shower.Exfoliate your pubic hair and the upper part of your thigh to prevent hair from growing inward.Dry yourself completely when you're done.Step 4 of using the template place the template on the pubic hair with one hand.
Use a steel mesh pencil (or color lip pen) to track the design outline you want.Put the template away and make sure you can see the shape of the profile.If not, fill in with a colored template pencil.
Step 5 start shaving apply a thin layer of shaving gel to your pubic hair.Tighten the skin and shave to the pencil line from the outside area.Your goal is to leave the pubic hair in the design you choose and make sure to remove the excess pubic hair outside the contour.
Continue to design and apply more gel if needed.Rinse the razor several times during shaving to get the smoothest and cleanest look.Step 6 comb the remaining hair use a comb to pull the remaining hair up and decide if further trimming is required.
Some people prefer hair and some like to trim very close.Step 7 skin care.Wash off the shaving cream and pencil outline.Use a convergence formula containing sa to prevent hair from growing inward and then moisturize the entire area.
Step 8 keep your design clean every other day and look at your design with a mirror.Use a little shaving cream and a razor to scrape off any hair stubble and keep your design going.Taking care of your design requires minimal maintenance, but can keep you feeling sexy and adventurous.
Take some time to shave and use the best product for your pussy.The right product selection will keep you sexy without a stimulating lump, an inward growing hair, and a razor rash that is often accompanied by pubic hair grooming.(C) virtual assistance for Davis, 2008.All rights reserved.Reprinted, text andThe line is completely reproduced and all links are made in real time.
Bonnie Joe Davis is a virtual assistant and a prolific writer.Bonnie's hair care specialist down the line recommended cute template kits, personal razors and exclusive pubic hair removal products.Need advice on taming pubic hair?Visit the hair care service of their free magazine "HCDT online magazine.
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