a hand mirror How to Oxidize an Antique Mirror

by:Xinglin     2019-09-20
In wet places, it may take about 50 years for the mirror to reach an aging, uneven look, which can easily cause many different decorations.The modern mirror is supported by a mirror coating, which in turn is supported by a layer of paint to protect the mirror from damage.By removing the paint protective layer and damaging the mirror with acid, a cunning decorator can make his own "antique" mirror in a few hours.
Choose a well-The ventilated area of the work area and covers anything that does not want to be exposed to chemicals or paint.Wear goggles, gloves and ventilation masks.If any, remove the paper backing on the mirror to reveal the paint coating that covers the mirror coating.
Brush a thick layer of paint remover where you want to be antique.Let the stripper sit for five minutes and wipe it clean with a dry cotton rag.Repeat if necessary until the bottom of the silver is revealed.
If necessary, gently scrape loose paint with putty knife.Be careful not to scratch the surface of the mirror.Wipe away any traces of paint remover.Pour the acid into the spray bottle.Slowly, carefully pour, don't sprinkle a drop.
Use the funnel if necessary.
Close the acid tightly and store it away from work space.Apply the acid to the back of the mirror by applying it on the area where you peel off the paint.You can also apply the acid with a dropper to get a bigger spot.
Let the acid react for about a minute.
Pay attention to it when it reacts;To achieve the desired results, some applications may take longer than others.Dry the excess acid with a paper towel, then gently wipe the area with a wet rag to make it completely dry.Apply a thick layer of black paint in old places.
Follow this and apply a black spray paint on the entire back of the mirror.Re-attach the paper you removed in the first step or re-apply for a new craft paper.Connect the wire and hang the mirror
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