a hand mirror Keeping calm is a super power

by:Xinglin     2019-08-28
My recent white hair doesn't look right.Wearing glasses and squinting at the mirror in the working toilet, I found a straight white hair in the Edge area.Closer.Closer.Cat hair?There?How?And then I remembered.The night before, when the clock in Launceston rang at three o'clock A.M., our cat Lu suddenly jumped on my forehead.
I was awake and angry until 5.
Wake up at 30, 7 in the morning.
On my desk 30, 8 in the morning.
Looks old and angry.
.The book tells the story of her chromosome discovery in 2007.It is not an electric hybrid car, but a protective tip at the end of the chromosome.Good chromosomes are equal to good aging.Obviously, when you see yourself in the mirror, being angry doesn't help with good chromosome health.
So when, for some inexplicable reason, you see yourself with an eye that refuses to open and stick --The idea, like the artist Jackson Pollock's brush, is not to flinch, with his eyebrows tilted.Or, even worse, if you try to find your bottom with a hand mirror and find it's gone (again) don't back down ...... Just lower your expectations ...... It must be somewhere below.The message from Dr. Blackburn is that keep calm and your chromosomes will stay strong.
Her book has been on the New York Times bestseller list.The daughter of a doctor in Hobart, who boarded the Launceston Church Grammar School, looked a bit like she might have a cat or two, would definitely boost her chromosome life?Love love.Technically, it is the DNA that prevents our chromosomes from wearing, breaking, and breaking.
Like tape from nature.
xa0Hold our goals together like a pair of Bridget.xa0Spanish pants for JonesThe more our chromosomes are untied, the older we are.These chromosomes are determined by chromosomes.
What makes the chromosome end fall off?The first is anger.Angry people, especially angry old servants, have reduced their chromosomes.A British study found that civil servantsxa0Who is cynical hostility-xa0Any poor little guy who works for Centrelink these days-is more likely to reduce the end of the chromosome and thus wear the chromosome.
Cynical hostility .
..... There is a term for love .
..... Pay attention to yourself .
..... Go out and help the cynics.
This week's hostile example: late Thursday night, Malcolm spoke to his close friend Donald in a dark corner of a dark room."Hello, Donald ...... Trading or not?Also, it turns out that old-fashioned, reliable, marital sex is better than a slight one (surprise!).We should eat whole foods instead of processed, more Omega 3 and less red meat.
Blackburn said, "a preliminary study suggests that having a baby may help with chromosome health, but it has not been repeated independently, so it is early.Dr. Blackburn, 68, tested her chromosomes."Because I was part of a study, I tested them."It turns out that I have a very long set of short chromosomes," she said .
"But this may change, so the test results won't stop me from taking these lessons I 've learned from all my studies seriously."I did try to incorporate these things into my life."I work out but I don't work out in the gym for hours.
I have a good diet but I am not crazy about food.I try to think about the effects of stress.I practice MicroMeditation that I think is helpful.
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