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by:Xinglin     2019-09-22
For many patients, the dental clinic seems terrible as there are tools and other instruments around the patient chair.Multiple electronic instruments supported by small hand tools are common views in the dentist's office.The dentist uses a small tool with a shiny look, sharp edges and hook shape to operate the dentures.
These tools are needed to check, explore, clean, restore and implant teeth and gums.One of the most common hand-held tools for dental restoration is a dental drill.Made of materials such as diamonds, tungsten or carbide;This drill is usually used to clean the remaining tooth parts from the gums, forming parallel or vertical channels inside the gums, for dental implants, as well as for shaping and polishing the teeth.
Diamond burrs are most commonly used for dental implants and cleaning purposes compared to other materials.In addition to identifying the causes of dental problems and treating them, accuracy and accuracy are equally important.It can be implemented with the help of the right tool.
Dental instruments can be classified according to their functions, such as dental inspection tools, cleaning toolsUpper, rubbing, tooth removal tools, repair tools.For more details, please explain below.False tooth inspection tools-multiple inspection instruments are required to properly check and evaluate the state of the teeth and gums.Hand-held mirrors are one of these instruments widely used for any dental surgery.
It is used throughout the dental procedure because it gives a detailed look of the difficult part, such as the back of the teeth and the back of the mouth, and also provides light reflection for dental treatment.The probe is used to check the area between the tissue around the gums and the teeth.There are also some sickle tools available to check the depth of tooth decay.
Cleaning tools-these tools help to reduce or clean sticky patches in the mouth and sticky yellow films on the surface of the teeth.The sickle probe is one of the commonly used cleaning tools, but it is very careful to use because of its sharp edges, as it can scratch the surface of the teeth and bleed the gums.The spoon and scalper are not sickle probes, but are used to clean the Tartar and plaque on the tooth surface.
The shape of these sharp tools best matches the shape of the teeth to get the best cleaning and can reach the most critical parts, such as the part between the two, around and behind the teeth can even remove the smaller tartar or plaque that is piled up there.Tooth extraction tool-tooth extraction is called tooth extraction, which is performed for various reasons such as tooth decay, plaque, tooth infection, enamel opening, and weakening of gums.Tweezers of different sizes and shapes are common tools for tooth extraction.
This long processing and powerful grip tool is used to swing the teeth back and forth, release the teeth from the ligaments, and then remove and pull out from the gums.The elevator tool is used to remove the teeth from the gums, if only tweezers can not easily remove the stronger teeth.This elevator acts as a lever to insert the wedge between the teeth and the gums down through the gum tissue.
Repair tools-some dental conditions require dental or dental repair, especially in the case of cavities.The dentist's repair instruments include excavators, chisels of various sizes and burrs.Among them, burrs are the most important tools made of diamond, carbide or tungsten.
Diamond burrs act as drill bits that work under different tooth conditions, such as removing the remaining teeth from the gums, shaping and polishing uneven teeth, and creating flat drill bits in the gums to fix the teethThey are also useful for removing stains on the surface of the teeth, yellow film.These tools have their own significance for tooth planting and removing remnants such as plaque and tartar.Some of them are cheaper and have a longer life, like tweezers, while some tools are very expensive and require good care when operating on dentures like diamond burrs.
Also need to use the right size suitable instrument, also need to be properly disinfected if need to be re-disinfectedused
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