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by:Xinglin     2019-09-21
You can do a very simple exercise to show your own divinity, which is not a joke (although it may sound a bit silly at first ).Take a hand-Take the mirror and find a quiet place to sit down.It is important not to be disturbed when doing this exercise, otherwise you will not be able to pay enough attention to what is in front of you.
Pick up the mirror and simply look into your own eyes.To the point where you can pause any tendency to turn your eyes over the ridiculous things that are staring at your own face!It's easy to feel silly at first, but give time to exercise.Of course, you 've noticed: It's rare to look directly at us when someone talks to us .
..... Raise their eyes on ourselves and on such a fundamental levelIt is more unusual for ourselves to do so.If we really look in the mirror, we are usually busy looking at our hair, makeup, teeth, skin ...... Nothing but eyes.We look in the mirror and find things that we think are defective or inappropriate and usually finish quickly (so as not to appear narcissistic, even for ourselves ).
This mirror practice is about something completely different.This is about knowing ourselves and our relationship with God.But it takes patience. The most important thing is courage.Courage, because what you see can shock you, can scare you, or even make you escape.
No one of us is alone.
this is a kind of understanding.
We are part of God and the evidence is in front of us.What do I want you to see?Move around your eyes and show that your face is changing, just like you are looking at photos of rapid changes (such as those distorted music videos ).The faces you see will continue to show the remains of who you are now, but you will notice subtle changes and each face will be different.
Some people look female in their faces, and some look male;Different races may also be obvious.Focusing your attention on your eyes is the easiest way to notice these changes.Look closely.Don't be afraid, and don't doubt what the mirror shows you.
If you don't see any shift when you do this exercise for the first time, don't give up.Try again next time.Don't worry.What is the purpose of seeing this shift?Not only will you recognize your inner divinity, but every time you talk to someone you deeply want to connect with, you will start looking for it.You will have the courage to face them directly and look into their eyes.
Once you realize that the eyes of others are shifting and the divinity in them, you will realize how we are connected --Each of usTo ourselves, to each other, to God.This kind of understanding brings joy ...... Know you are not alone, we are not alone, God is always with us, we are with each other.Everything can change at such a time.When you see these changes, it becomes more difficult to treat one person as more (or less) than another.
In the eyes of God, we are all equal.
we are all partners of God.
But first of all, we must realize the greatness and holiness within ourselves.A simple mirror can help you.-----------------------------------------------------Maria K.Benning, M.Ed., Is the therapist and channel of the Divine Sophia and others, experiencing the opening of these abilities through her own healing.
After a career in teaching, consulting and HR, her skills are now more specifically focused on supporting others in their own awakening process.See www.reconnect-and-heal.Details
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