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by:Xinglin     2019-09-21
1.The feedback is elegant.It is a mirror where you can see and adjust yourself.Biological feedback is directed by direct interaction with physiological displays that reflect the activities of the nervous system.Its role is to develop the range and flexibility of the nervous system.
Our goal is to improve our psychology.
Physiological selfThrough self-awareness and self-regulationcontrol.It's like many things: training, growth, exercise, mediation, stress relief, etc.2.Effective.We can use integers to indicate the remedy for chronic disease symptoms per hour percentage.
Recovery of 2-The biological feedback intervention is typical 5% per hour.3.Universal benefits.Biological feedback can be targeted at emotional disorders, sensory regulation, mental function and physical health.However, reports of collateral benefits are the norm.
For example, there is little research or effort to improve sleep quality, but this is often reported spontaneously.4.The result is sustained in the long run.Neural feedback is often more persistent than peripheral biological feedback.5.High success rate.Overall, ~60-The 90% success rate is the universal standard for the various situations seen by the feedback practitioners.
Broadly useful.
Neurofeedback is used to treat multiple diseases, diseases and symptoms.The problems of genetics and the day after tomorrow have been solved.Brain: epilepsy, stroke, brain injury, coma, migraine.
Lifestyle: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, crime.Awakening: stress, anxiety, headache, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger, post-traumatic mental disorder.Chronic: asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, TMJ, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune suppression, depression, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic pain, trauma.
Women: PMS, menopause, hot flashes, infertility.Not just children: ADHD, autism, Asperger, touting rette, ADHD, learning disabilities.7.Biological feedback works at the site of the disease to repair the mechanism of action.
Everyone thinks that the brain and nervous system are the physiological sources of behavior and psychiatry.Brain waves are a good point of intervention.Many studies have shown normalization of EEG.
This is one using fMRI: 8.
Accepted by academic circlesBio-feedback is taught in textbooks in many fields.MDs received feedback training in medical school.Biological feedback is effective for animals.
The basic concept is accepted and there is no dispute.9.Bio-feedback promotes excellence.Bio-feedback can be used to enhance optimal traffic and functionality without problemsorientation.Just as aerobic cross-training can help all athletes, regulating the nervous system can enhance all efforts.
America this yearS.
The army will provide officers with bio-feedback training on concentration and emotional resilience.The study of athletes and musicians is the best.Italian football bio-feedback.10.Customers can withdraw from psychiatric treatment without symptom recurrence.
Adverse effects are rare, mild and self-limiting.12.The experience of bio-feedback is usually pleasant, fun and relaxing.13.The path of organic healingThe recovery is gradual and cumulative.
Flexible application.
There is no need for diagnosis or special protocol for the biological feedback training method.On the other hand, psychological and physiological features or brain maps can be used to guide the treatment of biological feedback.Some bio-feedback devices are cheap and handheld.
The technology is developing rapidly.
The research results are rich and diverse.See this comprehensive 16-These two websites have some journal summaries: here is Aetna's policy of biological feedback medical necessity for 10 conditions: key points: there are hundreds of studies on different conditions and different measures have been takenThree examples: Four Studies showed an average IQ increase of 15-Points for ADHD patients.New technologies for migraine showed a 94% success rate in 6 sessions.
The number of repeat offenders was reduced to 15%.16.I was impressed by the professionals I met and interacted.They are sincere, trustworthy and dedicated.
Look at these two associations: www.
Association for Applied Psychological Physiology and biological feedbackisnr.International Society for neural feedback and research.17.There are neural techniques related to biological feedback.
For example, based on extensive research, cranial electrical stimulation was performed with FDA approval for anxiety, depression and insomnia.But like bio-feedback,utilized
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