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by:Xinglin     2019-09-17
Smoking can be a bad habit.With regard to the destructive effects of smoking, more facts are found every year.Smokers are much more likely to have multiple cancers, and the risk of heart disease, stroke, swelling, asthma, kidney failure, osteoporosis, diabetes and many other diseases is also increased.It is estimated that smokers live at least seven years less than the rest of us.
What's worse is the decline in their quality of life.Chronic cough, wrinkled gray skin, prolonged fatigue, and loss of sexual desire and sexuality all make smokers look and feel much older than their physical age.If you're finally ready to give up this destructive habit, this article can help you get the tools you need to exit.
It is a difficult habit to quit smoking.
Nicotine is a dangerous and addictive drug.However, cigarettes also contain hundreds of other chemicals, including radioactive pol (present in pesticides) refined sugar (highly addictive when inhaled) and various dangerous and addictive additives.The oxidation products of burning cigarettes are also dangerous and addictive.
It includes benzene, tar and many other chemicals.In addition, the act of holding, igniting and inhaling cigarettes is a soothing ritual that is quite psychological.Many clients have told me that cigarettes are more addictive than heroine, marijuana and many other drugs.
Fortunately, Hypnotherapy offers a wide range of techniques that can help you quit smoking more easily than you think.And some good news.The researchers found that even heavy smokers can restore their full lung function and return to health within a few years after quitting smoking.Some studies have shown that if you resign before the age of 45, you can fully recover within 5 years.
Even those who quit their jobs in their sixties can recover in a few years.If you are a smoker who has always been eager to regain health, youth and vitality, don't wait until you are disabled due to illness.Quit now.This article will show you how.If you are not a smoker, but know someone who needs to quit smoking, download the article and its sequel to give smokers in your life.
Now give smokers a message: first, sit down and evaluate all the reasons why you quit smoking.Do some research on the cost of smoking for yourself and the people you care about.Take an inventory of your health.Note how much of your health is related to smoking.
Pay attention, for example, to your wrinkled pale skin.This is the result of cigarette smoke closing your blood circulation.The same destruction also occurs under the surface of your skin, slowly choking the life of each organ of your body.
Pay attention to your low energy, chronic cough, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, pain in muscles or joints.All of these are caused or aggravated by cigarettes.These are the health effects of smoking.Write this list and share it with your closest friends and family.
Smoking also has social and aesthetic consequences.Did you know that secondhand smoke can kill more than 10,000 people a year?You might have killed your favorite.In addition, the smell of old cigarette smoke is not very attractive for most people.
Are you tired of being surrounded by that old smell?Maybe your family is tired too.A friend told me that she hated kissing the ashtray, so she stopped kissing her husband for twenty years.If you want more friendship, affection, romance or sex in your life, consider giving up now.
What classes do you teach your children when they smoke around them?Should they kill themselves as slowly as you do?Smoking also destroys taste buds and smell.Are you ready to enjoy the food again?The last time you enjoy the smell of flowers, or the subtle scent of a woman's perfume, or when is the field after the rain?When was the last time you enjoyed swimming, running, playing tennis with friends?You can get it all back by resigning now.Use some of the information I have provided to imagine that you are out of cigarettes now and your health is back.
Imagine yourself enjoying healthy, energetic, enjoyable sports activities, emotions and fun playing with family and friends every day.Enjoy the taste and smell again in your imagination.Take a few minutes every day and every night to imagine this new life and say to yourself: "I deserve these things!I want these things!"Also write down these visions and share them with friends and family.
Now we have the motivation to quit smoking.The next step is to remember that even if you have resigned for a few days, remember.Most smokers have quit smoking at least a few times before.
Stop thinking about "failure" and start thinking about "work ...... For a while."Remember now, what works?Nicotine gum?Hypnotized tape?Acupuncture?No matter what method has been used before, whether it is temporary, it can work again today or even more successfully!Now promise to quit again using these methods.It's time to recognize that you need help.
Ask your friend to support your resignation.Find support group for exMaybe a smoker.Most importantly, I suggest you contact a certified hypnotherapist to help.Hypnotherapy is the only therapy that solves smoking habits and their causes subconsciously.
While a hypnotherapist may charge $200 or more to help you quit smoking, it's only a fraction of the cost of cigarettes in a year, A fraction of the cost for your body, your health and your happiness.It is important to find a hypnotist who is familiar with quitting smoking and feels warm and trusting in you.Don't worry if they are "licensed" psychologists or doctors.
Most people are rarely trained or experienced in quitting smoking.More importantly, they have many years of training and experience in drug use, especially smoking.Don't hesitate when shopping.You are worth it.The next article in our series will explore 8 hypnosis strategies used by specially trained hypnotherapists that can help you quit smoking.
If the hypnotherapist of your choice is familiar with these advanced technologies and if you feel good about their energy, then you can end up quitting smoking easily and comfortably and permanentlyFor a trained hypnotist in your area, please call 800-950-4984
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