best wine glasses Paint Glass with Acrylic Paints (No Artistic Ability Required!)

by:Xinglin     2019-09-16
Glass glasses, glass panels, and even windows are easily painted.Paint with the rightand care —Your design will be retained permanently.There are also some simple techniques of painting on glass that do not require any drawing ability, as you can see with these handsDry wine glass.
Wash your glass with hot soapy water and let it dry.Then wipe the glass with alcohol with a paper towel to remove any residual soap film.To paint on the glass, the best paint is enamel acrylic paint, which is specially formulated for the surface of the glass and ceramic.
You can also use the label "more-surface;\ "Just check the label to make sure it specifies the paint to fit the glass.After choosing the color, squeeze the paint onto the paper tray.Drawing dots of all sizes and colors on the glass will produce festive scraps designs that rarely require artistic skills.
Start with a sponge apply and place it on your fingertips for maximum control.(Sponge apply is available at the craft shop in the brush and print department.) Immerse the applicator in the paint and then apply the applicator to the glass to form a point.
For completely rounded points, press the applicator directly onto the glass, turn to about half, and lift it up.Also, refresh the apply with paint every other point or two.To draw a small dot on the glass, use the eraser end of the pencil as if using the applicator --Press, turn, hang.
To make smaller points, use the end of the brush in the same way.The various sizes of the points provide movement and size for the design.After the point is dry, select two or three coordination colors and draw the points with them.
Before overlapping the points at the top of each other, the layers before waiting are completely dry.To make the glasses food safe, leave at least 1 inch on the top of the edge of the glass so that the lips do not touch any paint.In the absence of any artistic ability, another way to draw on glasses is to create stripes.
All you need to do is draw on the concealer.Use scissors to cut half-cut or three-cut masking tape vertically.(The width of the masking tape will determine the space between the stripes, so if you prefer a larger gap, you can keep the masking tape as it is.
Apply masking tape strips along the glass level.Change the distance between them so you have stripes of different sizes.Press and hold the tape with your fingertips to prevent the paint from leaking from below.
Paint between masking tape.
Use the applicator instead of the brush, because the applicator does not display a stroke.Also, apply the applicator with up and down movement instead of side body so that the paint is not under the tape.When the paint is still wet, peel off the masking tape.
If the paint is already dry, the tape can use it to remove some paint when the tape is removed.Don't worry if your stripes are not completely straight.You want the character of the hand.It's not a machine. it's painted glass.Alternative Printing.Put your painted glasses on parchmentLined baking tray in a cold oven.
Open the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
After the oven reaches 350 degrees, bake the glassware for 30 minutes.Then turn off the oven and leave the glassware in the oven as it gradually cools down.A sudden change in temperature will break the glass.
When the oven is completely cooled, remove the baking tray and glassware.The paint on your glassware is now cured and will not be washed away.To take care of your stained glassware, always wash it by hand instead of in the dishwasher.
This will prevent paint from falling off or fading.To draw on the glass plate, Please pour the glass plate over and draw only on the back.In this way, because the paint will not touch the food, the plate will be food safe.
Consider drawing only on the edges so that the design will still show up when you put the item on the plate.As with glasses, bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes to solidify the paint.After proper care, your stained glassware can be decorated on your desk for many years.
It also made a heartfelt gift for any occasion
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