camel cigarette ashtray Costume Ideas for Dead Famous Couples

by:Xinglin     2019-09-13
For generations, famous couples have won the hearts of new lovers.Whether their love is doomed to failure, banned, or a lifetime of happiness, some couples are true soulmates.Capture the electricity and romance of their eternal passion and make a costume for your next costume party or Halloween event to mimic one of these famous outfits.
The whole kingdom is in chaos.
Instead of wearing traditional Cleopatra and Mark Anthony costumes, make costumes around the tragedy of their death.Mark Anthony committed suicide with his own sword, and Cleopatra angered a cobra to bite mark Anthony after learning about her death.Combining these elements with fake blood and blood swords adds size to the garment.
Add a small amount of black, nonToxic, washable paintThe fake blood bought made the wound look darker and more real.Before they died in a violent ambush by the law, each was hit and killed by 25 to 50 bullets."For clothing distortion," Riddle "1930 s-era outfits --Found in a thrift store or consignment store--There are dozens of bullet holes.
Bonnie is a smoker.
-She smokes Camel smoke, so a cigarette hangs from your lips.The curtains fell.You can even put Rhett's costume completely out of the curtains and make a funny parody of Scarlett's wit.In modern times, Sid Vicious in a Sex Pistol and his girlfriend, Nancy spogan, "disgusting" set off a storm on the punk rock stage of the 1960 s.
The couple's costume ideas should be top notch-A mix of Glam and grunge.Go through your own closet, find the clothes you no longer wear, cut the parts, add cracks and tears, add Sex Pistol lyrics with fabric paint.Make heavy makeup and don't be shy about using fishing nets or leather.
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