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by:Xinglin     2019-09-15
Smokers read on cigarette packs every day smoking causes lung cancer and smokers die early.They don't want to die, frankly, but few people have enough will or desire to quit smoking.So, every smoker who is currently smoking will die from lung cancer?Well, our grandfather did smoke a lot and many of them lived for 90 years.
If so, what can we do to protect ourselves?The trick is that super light cigarettes like marl road cannot destroy the eggs and larvae of worms, which begin to develop in the lungs with disgusting smoke.Smart smokers choose strong cigarettes and are forced to breathe the same air as people with worms.In the country, they do not smoke in the pure forest;They were not dragged up.
When returning to big cities, however, the vast majority of smokers first want to light a cigarette.A doctor who doesn't know the nature of cancer will talk nonsense, but will not show their incompetence on vital and popular issues such as smoking.The problem is that "light" and "super light" cigarettes create the illusion of smoking, but do not carry any insect repellent functions like pure tobacco.
Even in history, Buddhist monks of centenarians fumigated themselves with tobacco smoke, killing the larvae of worms, but now many do not consider this at all.The monks live there, where they do not need to smoke in seclusion.But they are visited by crowds of pilgrims every day, and there is no other way to protect them from possible infections other than fumigation.
There are many online stores running goods in the tobacco market.There are almost all kinds of best-selling cigarettes on the Internet, such as Winston cigarettes, Camel cigarettes and marl Road cigarettes.These cigarettes can be sold as a whole from online stores.
The sale price of these cheap cigarettes is very high.There are also many discounted cigarette stores now.These discount stores also have most of the best-selling cigarettes.
These are cheap cigarettes because they are sold without the intervention of the middleman, which means the extra cost of the middleman, transportation costs and other expenses from intermediaries to various sales markets are not included in cigarettes.That's why the price of discounted cigarettes is so low.Discount cigarette stores operate in different locations.
Through extensive searches on the Internet, orders can be made from discount outlets closer to home.Therefore, non-Flavored cigarettes without nicotineThe less additive made of pure tobacco is the best option for smokers who want their smoking hobby not to harm their health but will help.Therefore, when buying cigarettes, pay close attention to the content of tar and nicotine and think that the tar content should be very small.
In addition, strong cigarettes without spices can save you money because they are the cheapest cigarettes and are more rare than cigarettes with low nicotine content like lamps.Although more research should be done on e-cigarettes to investigate the mechanism of their performance, there is no doubt.Main reasons for e-commerce successWithout bad habits, cigarettes are the process of simulating the smoking of Winston cigarettes.
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