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by:Xinglin     2019-09-16
My brother-in-The law's wife never quit smoking during pregnancy;She didn't even try to reduce it.Every time they come to see us, I tell her that it hurts a lot for her baby to smoke!She just ignored my comments so I keep talking to my brotherin-The law, told him that he should take care of his children, but in the end he told me politely to take care of himself.I am also a smoker myself and quit smoking as soon as I know when I accidentally get pregnant.
After pregnancy, I even forced my husband to smoke outside the house.I don't smoke near babies or kids or people I don't like.I think they made a very bad decision and he decided to let her do her own will, but the child has two parents, right?What do you think?Smaller babies do not mean shorter or easier delivery.
Quitting smoking does not add weight to everyone.Weight gain of 10 to 13 kilograms during pregnancy while eating a variety of foods is healthy for you and your child.Smoking does not relax you-it will speed up your heart rate, slow down your nervous system and raise your blood pressure.
Partial withdrawal during pregnancy is better than full withdrawal.Three months can help your baby-most of the baby's growth occurs later in the pregnancy.It's never too late for your child to quit smoking.
Smoking during pregnancy can bring poison to your child's food supply.Tobacco is never safe.Even in ashtrays and cigarette bags is a danger for children-it is toxic.Matches and lighters can also cause fires at home, with hot ash and cigarette butts burning.
When you smoke, the poison in tobacco affects you and your child.Nicotine can affect your baby's blood supply and you.Your baby's chest muscles don't have enough oxygen to work out properly and be prepared for post-birth breathing.
Smoking during pregnancyMore information can be read on these pregnancy sites: Pregnancy.Provide mothers with pregnancy guidelines and simple pregnancy information
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