cigarette butt ashtray How to Craft Your Own Outdoor Ash Tray From a Flower Pot

by:Xinglin     2019-09-12
Throwing cigarette butts into the yard or garden is a fire hazard, and the resulting garbage takes years to break down.Even if the cigarette butts are really broken, tobacco and filters inevitably penetrate toxic chemicals into the soil.Avoid this and let anyone who finds themselves smoking on a porch or terrace use an ashtray.
In order to make the ashtray look more elegant in your outdoor decoration, hand-made ashtray with flowerpots.Paint the pots with weather and heat resistant paint to match the outdoor decoration, or use glazed terracotta pots, as these pots are more durable than unglazed pots.Line the bottom of the jar with fine steel mesh.
This will keep the entry of cigarettes and other large particles, while the rain can be discharged from the ashtray when it stays outside.Fill a jar of 3/4 of the road with fine gravel or sand.Grind the cigarette butts on gravel or sand with an ashtray and put them there.
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