compact hand mirror how to conduct a mole check -

by:Xinglin     2019-09-22
Doing a mole check is to check if it is possible for your body to be irregular or new.In some cases, a mole can represent skin cancer, so it is important.Look for changes in size, color, discharge and height of existing moles and look for new moles.
Women should pay attention to their lower legs and back.Men should pay attention to their head, neck and back.Head and Neck frame in front of the mirror with comb and hand mirror.
Separate the hair with a comb, just above the ear.Search for Moore on parts using mirrors.Keep doing this half the time.Until both sides of the head and the top are completed.Next, lift the hair at the back, separate from the neck up every half inch, and check the parts by facing away from the mirror and using the hand mirror to view the reflections in the large mirror.
Lift your head a little so you can see the whole front of your neck in the mirror.Check the front and side of the neck for moles.The face is away from the mirror, put your hair behind, and check the back of your neck with a hand mirror.
Upper body check the back and palm of each hand, inside and outside of each forearm and upper limb.Be sure to lift your arm in front of the mirror and check the back and armpits of your arm.Stand in front of the mirror and check the chest.
Look down and check the stomach and sides.You may need a mirror to check the sides of your upper body.Stand away from the wall mirror and check the reflection of Moore on the back with a hand mirror.
The pelvis, hips and legs observe the creases between the thighs and the pubic bones with hand mirrors.In women, be sure to check between the penis and below the penis or between the vaginal folds.Moles can be formed on the skin.Standing in the mirror with his back, twisting his body and looking at his ass in the mirror.
Be sure to check between hips.
Check the back of your leg in the same way.Sit in front of you and stretch your legs.Check your thighs, knees and ankles for unusual moles.
Check between the toes, and the top and bottom of both feet.The frequency of your mole examination will depend on your skin type, number of moles and medical history.Discuss the number of home and office mole checks you should do with your doctor.
The minimum limit for household checks is once a year
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