compact hand mirror marketers should not ignore the she-conomy: women make key ...

by:Xinglin     2019-09-22
I never really became a card.My gender is also not an obstacle to my success in the public relations industry.But I have not overlooked the fact that there have been a lot of changes over the last few decades, and I think Gloria strenham is in stockWhen she wrote a few years ago, before we solve the masculine temperament of wealth, we will never solve the feminine problem of power.Well, I 'd say we're there because women control the use of more money than ever in the US.
I am fascinated by this data: * older women over 50 have a net worth of control of more than $19 trillionFourth place in the country's financial wealth.-MassMutual Financial Group, 2007 * Women will control 2-The third largest consumer wealth in the United States is the biggest beneficiary of wealth transfer in our history.It is estimated to be between $12 and $40 trillion.
Many women will experience the dual legacy of their parents and husbands.Hipsters are consumers who want to resonate with luxury brands.-Fleishman-Claire Behar, senior partner and director, New Business DevelopmentSheila New YorkMarti Barretta, the author's woman pitch, records the market where women consume: * Women's impact 95% of all purchases and controls 80% of household spending.
* Buying "Little Things" has always been in the field of women.Part of her housework as a wife and mother is to keep the family healthy, warm and healthynourished.From family dinners to family doctors, from the husband's shirt to the child's shoes, these options are most likely to remain her choice.
What many marketers have yet to realize, however, is that women's spending power is now far beyond laces and shirts.* In the past, big-Tickets like cars, insurance policies, and major appliances have historically been created-So sell-men.Things have changed!Nowadays, women need their own cars, their own computers, their own mobile phones, and their own investment accounts --In many new big-ticket items -Therefore, manufacturers are facing a new market.
So it's clear that women are making progress in controlling consumer purchases, and savvy marketers are paying attention to that.For example, have you seen an advertisement for Home Depot recently?Ten years ago, this was the case with all the wood, power tools and people carrying large items.Today's campaign had a married couple looking for light bulbs and they ended up getting advice on how to redecorate the courtyard from Home Depot salesman.
Of course, there will be less testosterone.I was impressed by the other things, and although it was small, it was very persuasive.About 15 years ago, most cars were only on the passenger side, while on the driver side, there was a polite mirror.
The assumption at the time was that men drove while women sat in passenger seats to freshen up their makeup.Today, most cars have standard polite mirrors on both sides.Because I can't remember the last time I didn't make up in the car, the little mirror on the sun visor beat one hand to fiddle with a compact mirror and mascara tube, the other hand fiddled with mascara sticks.
Clearly, automakers end up finding that women buy as many cars as men, if not more.At the end of the day, whether you're pitching a car, an electric tool, or anything in between, if you ignore women when you're making information and going to the market, you can lose sales and motivation.Some women are independent ships, some are decision makers who drive them, and in any case we need to be aware of their impact.
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