compact hand mirror Spring fashion tips to keep you looking your best on race day

by:Xinglin     2019-08-28
Fashion prep needs to start the Cup ahead of time to make you look the best before the first horse goes straight and follow the team, so make sure you sleep well.The best match day requires a good plan.Make sure you know what you brought.xa0Planxa0Due to limited time, you prepare for the next morning.Of course, they must be cute and suitable for your clothes, but consider some actual situations as well.
Put on those wonderful shoes, but remember that you are on your feet most of the time, so comfort should also be a priority.Even if you buy new shoes for the race, make sure to wear them at least once before the race.This is the only way to break the shoes and discover potential problemsxa0Before they ruin your dayPay attention to any stimuli and plan accordingly.
Make sure you have a ball with a gel pad to pad your feet, as nothing can spoil a good day better than burning your sole.Insole, heel pad, anti-there is a large rangeSlide heel plug-ins and heel pads on the market, so keep stock, bring a few more in the bag, and a large number of belts-aids.Safety is better than sorry.High heels with platforms are usually more comfortable than high heels without platforms.
The platform provides height while putting less pressure on the arch and football.If this look doesn't work for you, there are a lot of styles with a hidden platform that will make you look more concise.A friction relief stick may be worth investing in.
It covers your feet with a wax, transparent finish as a protective layer against friction.Another tip that sounds a bit weird is toe tapping, but may save your feet.There's a nervous split between your third person.
xa0Fourthxa0The toe causes pain in the foot ball.Using taping and four methodsxa0Together with surgical tape, reducing nervous tension helps prevent and relieve pain.If everything else fails, some ladies will bring a discountBallet.
xa0Flat shoes or thong can be placed in the handbag if the room allows for a real pain emergency.Keep your hat or headwear in place all day long, hair under clothes to replenish it may be harder than picking a three-game winxa0The third one.Since this is the Spring Festival Carnival and the weather can be windy, you need to make sure your headwear will stay where it is.
Crown Oak in 2005 is windy and fickle, and it's hard for ladies to stay awakeWear and hems in place.There's nothing more annoying than having a headwear you need to stick to on windy days, so plan ahead.Usually head-The dress designed by the women's hat will come with a comb, elastic band or both to help it stay in place.
The elasticity of the hat is a great way to keep the hat or charm.Elasticity should be within or below the back of the head, behind the ears and the line.If your hair is very thin or elastic, it will help a lot to keep your headwear in place.
Terrible hat and hair with hat.
Whether it's too much rashness or a loss of volume, your hair will definitely look a little or a lot once you take off your hat.Wear a hat on dry hair, blow dry hair, completely dry, close the nails with cold air.This is also sealed in style to make it less easy for your hair to show the shape of the hat.
The volume boost spray will instantly lift your hair after wearing a hat.Flat, lifeless hair is a problem when you wear certain types of hats, but a small piece of this spray will make your hair look great in seconds.Spray the spray at the root for immediate lifting.
Dry shampoo or hairspray will also do the job well.Flip your hair and spray it at the root while your finger goes through it.When you choose the perfect day dress, think about it first if you want to wear it to a nightclub.
If you wantxa0It is probably not suitable for the racecourse.Think well-Cut dress with knee or below knee, modern style with classic suit.The most important rule of thumb for this dress is that the outline must fit your shape and must be something you can comfortably wear all day long.
Clothes that are too tight, have no gifts, are too short to be comfortable or rub in the sleeve hole or anywhere else should be discarded.No one says the fashion victim is like a lady in a fashionable dress that doesn't fit her figure.When choosing a costume for a race, be sure to take into account the weather and remember that you may not be in the race for most of the day.
Many spring carnivals, including the Melbourne Cup,xa0Already held in the wind and rain, so check the forecast.If there is wind, rain and cold on the radar, you need to be prepared because shaking under a pure silk dress is not a good looking or feeling great thing.Bring a stylish jacket and an umbrella if you think you need it.
Before leaving the house, make sure you check if there are any potential problems with the clothes you choose, such as the hem that is coming out or the seam that is about to break.Again, this kind of problem can disrupt the feeling of your entire Cup.A good suggestion is to carry some amazing tapes with you.
Not only can this product prevent "nip slips" (think of Janet Jackson), but it can also be used to keep the falling hem on the skirt, fixing a buckle or elastic band that has been separated or elasticxa0Used to secure the annoying shoulder straps in place.The clutch looks cute but carries very little.If you are going to live well in the race, it is better to bring a backpack so that you can adapt to all the necessities.
Depending on the size of your bag, you can make sure you have enough emergency response capabilities.Walking bare-The feet are out of the game, the shoes in their hands are not good to seexa0Not to mention bad for your feet.The advantage of getting a bigger bag is to fold the ballet apartment upxa0Fit, save your feet andxa0Your dignityTravel size deodorant isxa0It's a good idea when the public toilets are so crowded, and it's also a compact mirror where you can't get any mirror space.
If you can put on hand sanitizer or a small bag of hand and body wet hand sanitizer is also a must for match day.Wallet, phone, sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, blister band-Will not less of AIDSUp, right and wrongTransferable itemsSmall needle package, safety pin, pen not to take-According to the forecast, an umbrella may need to be included, but there is a lot of space.Any extra room will be happy to use with your form guide.
By following these suggestions, you should be able to keep yourself and your costume uniform throughout the day
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