electronic cigarette ashtray beware of "free electronic cigarette" scam

by:Xinglin     2019-09-11
If you come across flashy vocabulary reading "Free e-cigarettes", run as fast as you can!This scam hit e-e-They call it "e-Cigarettes ", later they used the details of the customer card and started charging for the monthly recharge (we heard that we never received it!).They ask the customer card details in the process because they use the details of the debit card instead of the credit card, so the amount becomes notrefundable.According to our knowledge,The Dragon trading company in Preston supplies cigarettes.
Two people have been fooled from the Freecig website.Got one from the booth in the city center.Also, the victim was unable to contact the seller because they had disappeared from the scene and even changed the name of their website.
Therefore, strong action can be taken against these impostors.Make sure you buy real ElectronicsThe future of e-cigarette companies.Ask for recommendation and friend advice before processing an emailcig company.
Study the company well and get to know everything about them.Get their full address including business address and phone number.Don't just be satisfied with the email address.
If you would like to purchase the original e-cigarette without fear of being defrauded, feel free to contact the Steam Station.We will meet all your safety and security issues before dealing with you
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