hand held mirror Was McLaughlin robbed of Supercars crown?

by:Xinglin     2019-09-08
There is almost endless debate about whether Scott McLaughlin was officially wronged in the days after the final game of the Newcastle Supercar Championship last weekend.The Shell V-Powered Falcon drivers know if six-Time champion Jamie Vink will win 95-Circle,xa0He only needs to finish 11 points or better to win the first championship.When McLoughlin got pole position in the game, his chance had a good start --In his Red Bull Holden team Commodore, Whincup ranked fifth in the table.
On the first stop of the two stops, McLoughlin entered the pit lane, followed by his teammate Shane Van Gisbergen-which is where everything starts to break down.The 24-year-The old New Zealander is considered to have exceeded the mandatory 40 km/h speed limit and then is required to drive within the restricted area, which puts him behind the course.Speed is certain.xa0At the beginning of the pit lane, two timed loops five metres apart, this is a judgment of the factual situation, so the team has no recourse, they said their onboard data recorded the entry speed of 38 km/h.
Why?xa0Van Giesberg was not punished because he seemed to travel faster when he entered the country and he was immediately askedxa0In order to increase the conspiracy claim, the second Shell V-Fabian Coulthard's power Falcon has been punished for the same problem.McLaughlin bowed his head and knew he had to get into the top 11, because it was clear that Van Geisberg would help him get to the top.It all seemed to be fixed for him when McLaughlin passed the Back mark, but then he made a stupid mistake and tagged Nissan's Simona De silvestraDespite being hit by retired Jason bright with a clumsy move, the Falcon's back was damaged.
When the damaged body rubbed on the tire, the shell team held the breathxa0Causing considerable smoke.Fortunately, the smoke dissipated and McLoughlin moved on without having to call into the pit.The only problem now is that, as part of the Red Bull operation, the Caltex Vortex team plays the strategy game by bringing Craig lorndez to the new tyre.
The plan is that Lowndes will be much faster than others who use old tires and canxa0Rushed over and stood in front of McLaughlin to secure his seventh crown.When McLoughlin made a mistake and ran a little wide, lorndez was right behind the Falcons, giving Londes a chance to pass and steal 11 seats.McLaughlin immediately moved to the left to prevent the movement of squeezing lorndez on the concrete barrier, and the two made contact.
Both drivers may have escaped.
xa0But unfortunately, one of the obstacles has stood out enough for Lowndes, soxa0Not just the side of the wall,xa0He's on the left.Front wheels and suspension.And win the championship honor, only get control of the game immediately after the end of the gamePenalty kicks in pit lane,xa0Downgrade the Falcon driver to the 18 th and win the championship.In his defense, a collapsed McLaughlin claimed that because he had lost his left-hand mirror earlier, he did not know that lorendez was on his left.
Unfortunately, this argument is not really true.McLaughlinxa0Will know that Lowndes is not on his right hand side and he will notice if he looks at his internal rearview mirrorxa0Lorndez did not support him, soxa0I know he's on the left.After a great year, it was a sad way to finish the championship, and the questions and comments came thick and fast.
Why does the part of the concrete wall stand out first, and why is racial control imposing penalties on McLoughlin faster than ever?Obviously, mandatory pre-The steward's race track inspection failed to solve the wall problem and they had to accept part of the blame.As for the second point, there is no doubt that racial control does not want to postpone the announcement of the champion by post-event publicationrace enquiry.I doubt if this will have any effect on the outcome, but for me the real problem is always the legality of the first tunnel to be punished for speeding, this created what happened later in the game.
Roll on 2018.
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