hand held mirrors cheap How to Cut Round Glass

by:Xinglin     2019-09-19
The art of cutting glass becomes difficult when you want to cut round glass.There are several ways to cut round glass.Choose to use a basic hand-held cutter, a glass saw, or a tool specifically designed to cut accurate circles and curves.
Use a circle that is not tracking the one you want to cutPermanent mark on glass.Cut a square around the circle with a glass cutter.Every side of the square should touch the circle.
Break the glass with a running clamp or a cable clamp.Mark the corner of the square at a certain angle.Break the glass at the score.Continue to score and break the rest of the circle pattern until you have a round glass circle.
Track the round copy you want on the glass with crayons.Cut the glass with a hand held glass cutter so that the glass around the circle is less than 1 inch.Place the glass on the saw table and open the saw.
Make sure the water hits the saw blade before starting cutting.Hold the glass firmly and press the glass on the saw blade until the blade is cut into the shape on the glass.Continue cutting round glass using various angles of the saw blade.
This means that the glass does not need to be turned;Continue pressing the glass on each side of the blade to follow the pattern.Use Easy-get accurate circles up to 5 inch in diameterCutting lens knifeThis tool is ideal for glass cutting machines.Easily cut small round glass pieces using Morton small circle system.
Use it to score circles with diameter of 6 inch or less.Set the ruler, adjust the cutting head to the setting, and use the round Pro 12 to cut accurate circles with a diameter of up to 12 inch.This system can be folded up and stored to keep your workspace uncluttered.
Use the Glastar circular cutter to cut circles with a diameter of up to 25 inch.This tool also cuts strips, which makes it a versatile tool.Use Circle Pro 24 to rate circles with a diameter of up to 24 inch.
The tool works with the tool's fit system and also has an arc angle guide for making round boundaries.Find these products in your local stained glass shop or search online by typing the system name in your web browser.They can be used to cut colored glass or other types of glass.
All of this comes with instructions on how to cut round glass
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