hand mirror image OPINION | Reflections on a mirror image

by:Xinglin     2019-09-08
Until now, I had to check in one of my kid's rooms if my shoes matched my top, this brings me some practical difficulties (especially when they are asleep and I have a late arrival)night wardrobe-Sort sessions ).So the legacy of the old mirror-xa0Only slight black spots-xa0Very convenient.But I can't predict how disturbing it will be to catch a glimpse of your reflection when you don't expect it.
The mirror was only there for a couple of days, so every time I walked into the bedroom, I felt like there were some old ladies coming towards me from the other side of the bed.Wait!It's on the door, so the angle changes every day.Usually, I look in the mirror from a carefully selected angle.
xa0Look-in-the-Mirror expressionYou know we all have one.Now, I am taking myself by surprise from a strange and disturbing angle, capturing the side and back images that I can't see.It's really confusing myself.perception.I think I 'd rather not know the truth.It's funny that everyone else has been looking at me like this all the time.
xa0From one side, speak, walk, Hunchback on my desk with unflattering expressions.That's the real me.It reminds me of their phones and teenagers who send each other 50 snaps of their heads and their funniest facial twists.There is no doubt that they are more familiar with their appearance.
xa0From all anglesxa0Than any generation in history.They may only post the most carefully curated images on Insta, but they will look at themselves over and over again to get the best images.While I often laugh at the vanity that some of them have shown, perhaps I have overlooked the benefits of all of these (literally) selvesReflection: At least they won't be blindfolded by the side view.
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