handheld vanity mirror Hanson: Flirty ... and a little scary

by:Xinglin     2019-08-28
Most people know what Pauline Hansen looks like.But in addition to the usual media scrum, examiner Megan doerti also gave an unexpected lunch interview to find out what kind of person a country's leader is.Pauline Hansen is turning around in her neat little black handbag, which is filled with the usual female items-brushes, a bottle of perfume (which brand can't be seen), lipstick, powderShe pulled out a bright red comb, and before a fire at Ross's bakery, when she answered the question, she began to blow up her famous ginger juice.
She stopped for a little lunch in a quiet country town with a country's national director, David etridch and 10 police officers, they really don't want the media to eat their pies and salads with them.Only one interview, that's it.Still, as her plate became clean, Hansen MS relaxed and took on more questions as she prepared for Australia's next round to win a country.After finishing the hair, Hansen MS began to apply lipstick, looked at the hand-held mirror, continued to answer the question, and was not disturbed at all by a complete stranger, watching her make-up again.
Her self-Confidence is overwhelming.
Even charming.
Pauline Hansen is slim and beautiful, wearing black trousers today, high in blackHigh heels, colorful jumpers and blood-coated nailsred.Despite the co-Fashion-country-mum-Pauline Hansen is still a little scary.She seems to be used to getting what she wants.
"We just wanted to have lunch," she said in response to an interview request, and the typical complaint sound in her voice reinforced a gear or two.Strictly speaking, Pauline Hansen's visit has nothing to do with state elections.Hansen MS confirmed that a country would not be a candidate for the Tasman election because the party was not registered in the state and it wanted to focus on the upcoming federal election.
"We don't want to make ourselves too thin," she said .".Hansen said the visit had been organized long before the state elections were announced. MSThis is a relatively low level.Important visit, meeting with supporters to try to "understand the concerns here ".
We're here for the federal election.
After Ross, Hansen MS plans to travel to Launceston for more meetings and have a face-to-face conversation.Australia went through current events and then had dinner with Albert "Coca-Cola" Deville, an Aboriginal who established a country in tazhou.Hansen MS said the concerns expressed in the state of Tasmania are no different from the rest of Australia.
"People are afraid of the safety of future work, especially in tazhou, where you lose too much industry.I took a picture of the coat here, didn't I?"That's all," Hansen MS .".People have no job security.Unless you have a job guarantee, who will go out and cover the house in debt or want to bring more children to the world?"The Australian newspaper said this week that private polls showed a country with more voter support in the state of Tasmania.
Hansen MS looked seriously at David Etridge and said the figure could be close to 50.At least one poll on the News said so.Didn\'t it?What is the biggest lie she has ever heard or read about herself?"I am a racist," Hansen stressed ." MS.From one end of the country to the other, where is she confident to speak to a house in the village hall?"It's not easy for me," Hansen said .
" MS.
"This is something I have to learn.
When you gain knowledge, you gain confidence.I think because I work too young in my parents' store and deal with people on a personal basis, it helps me to build a good relationship with people.What role model does she have?\"No, I don\'t.
"The only example is my parents," she said .".What does she do to relax?"I like music and I like walking along the beach," she said ."Moved by Hansen's MS music from classical music to Greek synthetic music "King Yani" ("He's absolutely awesome") to Neil Diamond, to Barbara stricshan\ "No punk"Rock stuff," she said with a smile.
Will she remarry?\"Ha!With this one, you can work for 7-days-a-You must be joking, Zhou!MS Hansen said.When she talked about herself, Hansen MS began to become gentle and a little frivolous.It's not hard to understand why she has attracted a lot of men across the country, not just pig farmers in Queensland.
She was then asked more about her desire to fight a single mother, which she expressed at a meeting in Hobart, and that serious attitude came back.MS Hansen said she did not raise the question, which began with questions from the audience, but it was not the first time she expressed her concerns.Until she enters the political arena, she says (it's a dazzling selfAustralia is becoming a country that is consumed by the social welfare industry and people want to "have no right to responsibility ".
"Unless you are prepared to take responsibility for people, you will not bring them into the world," she said .".Did she receive benefits as a single mother?Her answer is No."I had children when I got married."So I didn't go out and have children and expect taxpayers to pay for them," she said .
In the other part of the tearchamber, this is a funny sight.Three federal police officers, three uniforms and four plainclothes were taken to the rooms of MS Hansen and Mr. etterridge.They are big and wide.The table was surrounded by lace tablecloths, and their strong hands tried to fight itsy --Small Teapot and teacup.
A plainclothes policeman is wearing a rather neat tweed jacket, and while dark sunglasses and earbuds are deadly giveaways, apparently trying to fit into Midland.All the safety of a former fish and chips owner in Ipswich.Rose in EnglandThe Saxon stronghold of the central region can be considered the area where Pauline Hansen should feel comfortable.
There was no notice of her visit, so there was no signWaving the protesters, most were dumbfounded when they saw her.In half an hour, at least two large tourist buses were parked there, many of them Asian.The Melbourne couple Rose and Min Chong and Pauline Hanson had lunch in the same tea room and she didn't know she was in the next room but was still interested in the presence of the media and police.
"I think there was a murder or something interesting," said Dr. Chong .".After seeing Hansen MS stride out of the tea room and enter the waiting procession, Ms. Chong was still shocked.We can't believe it.We just stopped for a quiet cup of tea.She is not our favorite person ."A middle-An elderly couple from Hobart at the next table were also not impressed.
"No, we have no impression," said the husband .".\ "If she can answer the question, she will be fine, and her answer is often absurd.Another couple from akton, outside Hobart, did not recognize themselves as supporters, but admired Hansen MS for "saying what he thought ".
No matter what she does, Pauline Hansen always causes a reaction
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