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by:Xinglin     2019-09-19
Skin care products can only play its magic when applied to the correct skin type it originally intended to use.Knowing your skin type is the starting point for finding the perfect beauty solution.As many have noticed during the year, the demand for skin care may change with the season.
In winter, for example, more hydration may be required compared to other months.A series of beauty care products are placed on the shelves, and it may be a tedious task to decide which one is the right choice.Try making an appointment with a skin care professional if possible, which can help guess what is really needed.
While it is important to have a skin care professional at hand, it is also good to have some self careKnowledge of determining dry, oily, normal, combined or sensitive skin types.This is a very simple test that can help solve this problem.In fact, professionals recommend doing it every four to six months.
Wash your face with a gentle cleanser like glycerin-Based on soap, wait an hour to complete the mirror analysis.When facing it, be aware that the room is well lit and even take a hand-held mirror out during the day.If the skin feels tight or rough, it may be caused by dry skin.
People with dry skin rarely have acne, but they have to work hard on anti-acneThe world is aging, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.People with dry skin agree that the skin feels much better after applying a moisturizer.Dry skin types often require more moisturizers during the winter months, especially if they like winter sports like skiing.
If the skin looks a little shiny after an hour of washing, it is most likely oily skin.Those with oily skin often struggle with acne outbreaks, build up oil early in the afternoon and have acne outbreaks --If you use a thick moisturizer, it will rise.A common skin will be as smooth as silk.The skin color of a person with normal skin even has pigmentation, usually acne during a month's hormonal period.
In general, moisturizer has no negative effect on normal skin.That's what those skin types combine.Their foreheads and noses accumulate oil while the rest of their faces dry.This oil area is usually called T-Zone;What's more, it's the area that often struggles with acne.
Many women also belong to groups of sensitive skin.After using a specific beauty product, they may have a slight rash, itching, erythema, and overall sensitivity.Hypo-Allergic products are usually the rule of thumb for people with sensitive skin.
No matter what skin type a person has, it can be handled by picking the right day and night skin care products.It is also very important to find the right cosmetics
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