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by:Xinglin     2019-09-20
Need a good quality curler to make a good quality curler?OK, pay attention to the heating material!No matter how much effort you put in, it's no use using a mediocre curling pot to get better results, and curls don't look like curls made with professional curlers.You can also damage your lock by overdoingA cheap model.The best thing to do is to throw away the old discounted curly iron and look for a high quality curly iron that uses a tourmaline or ceramic element.
Jasper is a particularly effective material that is very popular among stylists and family users.Let's talk about Jasper first.This is a semi-Precious gems commonly used in jewelry.You may even have some pieces of Jasper in your jewelry box without knowing it!It not only looks beautiful, but it is also very useful, especially when it comes to injecting hot styling tools.
The Tourmaline has interesting properties, one of which is its ability to generate charge when heated.In addition, it is an effective conductor with negative ions.When the tourmaline is crushed and injected into the ceramic plate of the curling iron, you can smooth the hair and seal the skin so that the hair is easy to shape healthily.
There are many benefits to having a Jasper curly iron.As a natural conductor of negative iron, the tourmaline will make the hair more shiny and eliminate the hair.Combined with ceramics, the Tomalin curler is a very effective styling tool that provides more gloss and softness.
You can enjoy the perfect shape, natureIt looks like healthy curly hair is not damaged.You might think that all of these benefits mean that the tourmaline curlers will be very expensive, but these models are usually reasonably priced, between about $40 and $90.When you buy your own tourmaline curler, just make sure it uses the material in pure form, not just the coating.
In this way, you can benefit from the full power of the seal without compromising the health of the lock
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