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by:Xinglin     2019-09-20
Feng Shui crystals using crystals in feng shui can be done in a variety of ways, but the focus is on creating great energy in your home, office or living space.The most famous feng shui crystal is made in Swarovski, Austria.The Swarovski crystal is the best crystal in the world.
The Crystal Prism has a full rainbow spectrum at every angle and is very spectacular.The Crystal of Swarovski is very clear and pure and awesome.The feng shui crystal gives the holder an indescribable energy.
The weight of the crystal is incredible from different.20mm crystal 3 ounces to 1 pound 4 ounces and 70mm Crystal 1 ounce.Placing the crystal in the right area of your home, office or living space can enhance and adjust Chi and life energy to create focus and perfect harmony.
The Swarovski crystal ball with 6 true words is a very special item.Swarovski with 6 smaller (8mm) colored crystal balls has a clear round feng shui crystal ball.Not only are they used for feng shui adjustments involving Chi flow, they can also be blessed and protected with the color of the six real words corresponding to the famous prayer, "I hung om MA NI PAD ".
It includes the red rope hanging on it.
Swarovski Crystal Mala bead necklace these fabulous necklaces are exceptionally powerful Malas with 108 Swarovski crystal 8mm beads dotted with the color of the elements needed.They are made from the same Austrian crystal as the bracelet.Their high quality adds strength and intent.
All styles include a gorgeous wood and brass jewelry box lined with red satin.Feng shui mall offers a variety of Swarovski faceted crystals in a variety of colors and sizes.Our focus is to provide our customers with the best feng shui therapy and wind aquatic products for Chi pure feng shui power.
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