how to draw a hand mirror Papers, precision, and rhythm: An Examiner delivery run

by:Xinglin     2019-08-29
When Iden Crack pulled his car at 3, the city street was empty.15am.About half the working day, Mr. Crack pulled a blue bean on his head and had a thick white beard on his upper lip.Classical music passed from the car radio to the quiet street.
"It was a good morning," he said .
""There is no wind, and the newspaper is a little big.They were scattered in the back seat of the carxa0A copy of the day's examiner spills from the large black bag, individually packed in their own clear plastic to protect them from the elements, until the enthusiastic subscribers shuffle to their lawn, and the porch later in the morningMaybe once the sun rises.Crack rescheduled some of the cargo to make it easier to get in and sit in the driver's seat, across the city center, across the North Esk River, towards Newnham-his running route, one of them weaves their way seven days a week around Launceston and it.
He said, "When I say a child .
..... When I was a little older, it used to be someone's second job ."xa0When the indicator lights flashxa0Turn off the East Tamar Highway right."I came to this industry 20 years ago and it became a completetime job.
"I'm a contractor and I made it a complete one.time job."And in the past, people pick up a piece of paper from the news agency and do it for six months-enough to go on vacation, buy a couch, or do what they want to doxa0We won't turn over the driver like we used."It's hard for them to get...It's hard to get good.Crack himself has been throwing newspapers for 24 years and has been a contractor for local news agencies since 1994.
If you count the time he did it when he was a child, it would take longer.Now, he is a distribution supervisor, collecting a bag of documents from the printing center after one o'clock A.M., delivering them in person, coordinating with other drivers to make sure the documents arrive where they need to go, and send off a few that may be missed.
The initial contract year was tough, he said."I worked six.xa0From 94-2006, no days a week.xa0Rest."This is very difficult in society.Before thatxa0Crackxa0He has served as a cable TV Joiner in the Department of the General Post Office, which will later become Telstra.-A big lottery card for four weeks of annual leaveHe intends to use this time soon.
xa0A new tearful caravan down to Cockle Creekxa0Located on the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Zone."I have also been involved in lead lamps.The car passed by another man trapped on his shoulder:xa0Been there for over a week.Then, suddenly, the running started.Pull open the road crack, drop a piece of paper into the driveway, check his mirror, reverse it, and throw a second into another yard on the roof.
"What I'm going to do here right now is the only newspaper on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday," he said ."."There's no right or wrong way to run paper, youxa0All we have to do is get them out.In general, there may not be the right or wrong method, but each driver has developed its own method.
"I prefer to throw away the things on the right --Side of my handxa0Car.Part of the crack method is a certain flow.xa0A rhythmxa0Today is struck by soft classical music, but sometimes the most popular artists like Nick Keve or Tom Wester will do the same.
"I can't keep driving around and listening to them, though," he said .".When the car is shuttling through the dark streets, he is looking for a mark: a car of a specific color,xa0Well-designed gates, Camper, substations installed on poles.Too early, you might run into the wire and throw the paper on the sidewalk or in the ditch --xa0Easily pinched by anyone;It's too late and you might land it in a tree or in a nearby yard.
He knows the street number, but he can't think of it when driving."When you start to understand your running, it becomes a habit."How do you know when to throw it?” he asked.
"It's like a place that's just open.
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