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by:Xinglin     2019-09-13
Of all the work features I 've participated in, what really interests me the most is the cost of staging.The company I was working at hired nearly 250 people.They are invited to the company awards ceremony and dinner twice a year.
Each activity will start around 18.
00 is about two miles from the company's place of work.A great hotel for corporate events and weddings.It is huge and has to spend a lot of money to hire.
Our company will be responsible for the entire functional department of the hotel.After the event, sales reps and managers who live too far away to drive home will book a room, usually about 01.00.100 per room per night.We had dinner at about 19, three dishes.30.I was told it cost me 18.Eat an average of 00 per person. The food is always good quality and rich.
Another observation is that your glass has never been empty for a long time.The bar is free so if you want something different then you can always ask for something else.The bar bill is definitely amazing in the evening alone.
A full meal, enough wine, the award ceremony began.A series of shining crystal awards were presented to top sales prson, best customer service, best team performance, etc.I won the best sales twice and can tell you that there is no charge for cutting the crystal decan water heater.
It was an amazing rush to get this award from more than 200 working colleagues.All the awards cost a lot of money but left an incredible impression.The photographer hired will ensure that all recipients are recorded in the photo.
The photos will be hung on the wall until the next awards ceremony, at random locations throughout the company building.Entertainment will begin at about 21.30.A disco that plays every tacky track you can imagine.So far, many of my colleagues will be worse dressed and many senior staff will.
Things are always good, dance is worth a look.A variety of courts will begin, and perhaps they are brewing throughout the year of work, an environment that allows the release of "energy ".The bar is always available and drinks can become more adventurous over the night.
Strange cocktail.
At about 01.
00, the dj will stop, the lights will light up and everyone will start archiving the multi-function hall.Some people go home by taxi that the company has arranged and paid.Others will go to their hotel room and sometimes the company that is not around them when they arrive.
I always ask myself, is this all worth paying a huge price?I think it was.In the time between functions, people have something to talk about and laugh.The ethics of the Prze winner is of course high, which makes you want to stay on top of the game.
Another important factor is that people can put their hair down and enjoy life.A good working atmosphere can bring a higher working effect in itself
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