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by:Xinglin     2019-09-13
When spring comes, flowers are everywhere.On sultry flowers, small and delicate flowers paint your backyard garden.There's too much outside to sprout and you want to take them indoors.
Tall vases are used for flowers with long handles.The location needs something small and elegant.If you have free wine glasses in a nearby liquor store, you may want to use them as containers for small flowers.
The size of the glass is just right.
The little flowers in the wine glass must illuminate the smaller corners of the room.They are not overwhelming, but they are not too cautious to be ignored.So, sometimes these bouquets do add some color to the dull room.
So, as long as you are not allergic to pollen, you can enjoy small bouquets in your house.There are lingering flowers in the room.The glass is very versatile.In addition to your creativity in flower arrangement, you can also use champagne flute as your moreCake stand.Just turn them over with the base and pile up another cake base for another layer of cake.
With this, you really don't need a commercial cake stand.At the very least, with the champagne flute, you can always play the stand configuration for future baked goods.When you do some entertainment at home, you can add a little jewelry to your regular wine glass.
You can buy the glass charm of ready-made wine or make it yourself, which is fun.When your friend comes to your place for dinner, the sparkling glass of your glass may be a conversation.The charm of wine glassware can not only make your guests different, but also add some luster and charm under the lights.
If you're not too creative, but still want something to help distinguish between glasses, maybe it's time to take out the earring that lost the partner.At least you can keep your favorite earrings and give it a second life.Sometimes, don't you hate the kind of free wine glassware that is thick and visually unattractive?How about making canvas with wine glassware?If you have a talent for painting, it would be nice to use wine glasses as a medium.
Check with the craft shop if the paint type used on the glass is correct.You may also need a proper glass surface brush.If you find your wine glasses boring, there is always something you can do to add a festive atmosphere to them.
For example, you can always get snowflake templates and etching at Christmas.The possibilities are endless.Wine glassware is also very popular at weddings.All you need to do is dress up the wine glasses with lace or ribbon and add some bunbang to the glasses.
They made great wedding tokens.
Now that you have some ideas, why don't you just take out the glasses that look tired and start decorating?
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