huge wine glass essential elements of restaurant branding

by:Xinglin     2019-09-13
If you are opening a restaurant, bar or cafe, there are a lot of things you need to pay attention.You may get quality HR on board, manage contacts within the industry, and be extremely busy with trading with suppliers and advertising.When you try to build an institution from scratch, it's easy to ignore the branding aspect of your restaurant.
While some ignore the brand elements, some simplify them to restaurant logo design, which is far more than that.Here are some basic elements of restaurant brand promotion that you need to consider in order to proceed smoothly.From years of brand promotion experience in different restaurants, cafes and bistros, we observe the following are a few brand points you need to start with your right foot.
1 -This may seem obvious, but it's important that your brand name reflects your values, your brand image, and resonates with your audience.2 -The design of your restaurant logo is an important part of your brand.It reflects your identity, so make sure you decide on a great logo that links all of your brand elements together.
This is one of the elements that will be copied on other brand elements such as menus, brochures, business cards, etc.So, do something that screams your personality.3 -Your business cards and Flyers/brochures play a very big role in your marketing.
They provide your contact details for anyone who wants to contact you later to book or ship.As soon as you open it, you will want to take advantage of every opportunity to walk into the door of your restaurant, build your customers, and put a stack of simple cards on the counter or flyer to do this.4 -Does your restaurant offer something that 10 other restaurants don't have?Sometimes it can be a lot and sometimes it can be nothing, but you have to reward your customers because they choose you instead of others.
If you 've had four meals already, you don't need to make any massive, simple loyalty cards and offer a fifth meal for free.Anything that makes your customers feel appreciated and forces them to bring business to your restaurant better than others.5 -The intelligent design of the menu is very important.
With good fonts and exquisite design, your menu should be consistent with the atmosphere you are trying to achieve in the restaurant.You can be creative and make the menu into the shape of the chopping board instead of a paperback menu.If it's a cocktail menu, it can be the shape of a large wine glass, and you can create the menu in a variety of ways, so that you can remember your brand and keep your ideas flowing.
6 -The stamps, labels and stickers of your brand are all great.They are used beyond the imagination.You can stamp the letterhead and turn an ordinary piece of paper into a letterhead.If you run out of print packaging, you can wrap the sandwich in paper and put a sticker on it.
All in all, it's great to keep the brand consistent so keep them handy.7 -A large dish veneer showing your menu is a great way for those in a hurry who can read it out of the big menu without needing to go deep into the handheld menu.These menu boards should be placed in an ideal position to see them clearly and conveniently.
If you have a menu that changes the date-to-You can then have a blackboard so that you can easily adapt to the changes and additions to the menu.8 -A-The board is a must.They are perfect for listing special offers on a daily basis.They also offer a great street marketing opportunity for passing people and pedestrians and car traffic.
This is the eight elements of the brand!Don't ignore these important aspects, or you will end up creating a brand that is inconsistent and easy to forget
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