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by:Xinglin     2019-09-18
Low-fat French desserts with pears and roasted walnuts.If you're looking for a real low fat French dessert, you can't find a better French recipe than this one.Although this recipe requires pears and walnuts, the French actually make this dessert with a variety of different fruits such as peaches, apples and nuts.
If you want to do a little experiment yourself after trying this recipe, then rest assured that some of the most famous dessert recipes that the French came up with are due to a lot of experiments.Ingredients * 4 ripe pears * a cup of more or less halved walnuts * a cup of sweet white wine * 3 drops of vanilla extract * a glass of brown sugar * a glass of water famous French dessert sauce pot wine, vanilla, brown sugar and water.Cook until the brown sugar is completely dissolved and simsim with a lower heat.
Peel the pear, place it in the sauce pan with sauce, and boil it again.Lower the heat again, sim fire, cook the pears until they soften regularly.Once the pear softens, cool it in a large wine glass or dessert.
Also refrigerate the sauce for at least an hour.Half toast in walnut.When preparing to put spoon cold sauce on the pear, sprinkle walnuts and serve.Note: To add a little extra flavor, you can use the lemon peel when making the sauce and then remove the lemon peel before you refrigerate.
If you want to eat several kinds of fruits, try putting peaches, apples and pears together, split them into several slices, and then put some of each fruit into each dessert Cup.You may also want to mix walnuts with almonds and even pistachios with slightly different flavors.This is a very elegant dessert. the taste is very good.This is really French cuisine known for its simplicity and elegance.
Keep in mind that the fat content of most fruit desserts is naturally low, and the fat contained in this French dessert is in nuts and is considered to be a good level of fat cholesterol that helps improve your health, so it's actually good for your heart
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