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by:Xinglin     2019-09-18
As many of us know, those who drink wine and use proper drying tools realize its long standingHistory.Wine glasses have been used since ancient times, and the reason why they survive today and in the future is largely becauseThe development of wine industry.About 23 to 79 yearsD.The philosopher Pliny wrote how silver and gold were replaced by vessels made of glass.
Prices are also rising and people have to pay almost the same for precious metal glassware.One of the oldest existing glasses is the 15 th century European heritage.These are enameled wine glasses finished with stems and feet.
According to historical records, at the peak of the 16 th century, the glass was influenced by exquisite carving.Also in the 16 th century, we found the original British wine glasses engraved with diamonds by the late Verzelini.To 1740, glasses decorated with straight stems become fashionable.
During the same period, air-twisted stems were also commissioned, although ten years would pass before these stems were cut into peripherals.The quality crystal wine glasses made headlines in France around the 18 th century.In the same era, friendly glasses have bowls of similar size, which is very common for wine glassware.
But there are more tiny things here, only about an ounce of liquid.Glasses produced in the 19 th century are usually complete sets.These packages include 12, each with liqueur, champagne, wine and red wine.
In the 1950 s and beyond, the extraordinary glassware Riedel further distinguishes the evolution of the glassware by making wine glasses for almost all wine variations.Each cup has a unique shape and has special uses such as wine tasting.Riedel's special wine tasting boat comes with a one-minute bowl that is enough to accommodate a bite.
The tasting wine can then be placed on its side, rocking on a smooth plane and covering its inner surface with wine.But this requires practice.Although wine glassware is made for drinking wine, designers have become more creative and have discovered and promoted many other uses for it.For example, certain types of food can be placed in wine glasses, such as shrimp cocktails or layered desserts.
For a formal dinner, the wine glassware of choice is usually tall --Small version of white wine, red wine glasses and aperitif.For those who drink water between wine, a suitable Cup should also be added.Never fill the wine glasses, and the amount accepted is between 1 and half of 3 at any given time.
Don't refill the wine so quickly.
Please avoid embarrassment.
The reason for this measurement is that drinkers can tilt the glass to an angle of 45 degrees to best evaluate and have fun with the color and taste of the wine.The wine glassware has stood the test of time, and on any occasion, it adds an elegant atmosphere to any night of wine and dining fun
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