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by:Xinglin     2019-09-18
Only wine lovers can understand the importance of wine glasses.The quality of glassware can greatly improve the experience of wine from bad to good, and vice versa.Bowls, stems and feet are the three parts that make up the glass.
When you buy a wine glass, you have to choose wisely because the shape and quality of the wine glass reflects the quality of the wine.It is widely believed that people pay more attention to glasses than to wine.Nowadays, wine glasses have become a symbol of identity, just like Rolls-Royce's position in the world of cars.
Before using the wine glass, you must know the correct way to handle the wine glass.The glass is one of the finest.Because there are different kinds of wine, so is the correct way to handle each wine in a wine glass.The most common way to hold a wine glass is to use its stem, which should be hidden between fingers.
Never took the wine glass from the bowl (except for red wine), because when the bowl of the glass touches the skin, the heat of the body is transferred to the wine, slowly eroding the aroma and taste of the wine.The material of the wine glasses is equally important, as they affect the temperature of the wine in almost an instant.Drinking with a glass made of fusion glass or cut glass is not a pleasant experience.
The reason is that this type of glasses interferes with the flavor of the wine and produces rough thick lips (part of the glass from where the wine is sipped ).However, glasses made of blown glass are widely accepted by casual wine lovers for their slim and smooth lips.Another material used to make wine glasses is lead glass.
\ 'The result is a high quality wine glass, which is cherished by the elite of the wine drinking industry.Another factor that affects the quality of the wine glass is the shape of the wine glass.The shape of the wine glass can not only maintain the aroma of the wine, but also maintain the taste of the wine.
This shape also helps to place the glass in the best way to guide the flow of the wine in the right way.It is considered very bad to have a glass of wine and a big mouth.A very important part of the wine glass is the "STEM ".
When holding the glass, the stem of the glass should always be in contact with the hand.This can prevent wine from warming due to body temperature.The stems can also prevent choking the bowl with fingerprints, thus keeping the texture of the bowl intact.
In general, there are three types of wine glasses: the wine glass is characterized by its round and wider bowl.In the case of red wine, one can hold the glass in a bowl because the red wine is always served at room temperature.Therefore, there is no risk of deterioration in wine.
White wine glasses: These glasses are a little narrower than red wine glasses to maintain the temperature of the wine.They also have a slightly straight side.Champagne Cup: Commonly known as a champagne cup, it is very small in size and has a long stem on the top with a tall narrow bowl on it.Champagne often Sparkles (due to the presence of carbon --di-In appearance, they have a high and narrow bowl in order to maintain this feature and prevent it from dissipated.
These types of glasses or flutes will only be used on special occasions such as weddings, awards ceremonies and black tie events.Always remember that wine glasses are as important as the wines they offer.This is a complex ballet of style, taste and splendor.
Wine glasses can change the whole experience of wine tasting.Impeccable wines must be provided in exquisite wine glasses.This article was written by the greatest wine glass expert (the greatest wine glass is known for its custom wine glass.
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