huge wine glass how to choose wine glasses and wine storage

by:Xinglin     2019-09-17
Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just beginning to appreciate the rich flavor of the wine, you must stock up the wine essentials such as wine glasses and wine storage.The correct stemware and storage methods have a huge impact on the flavor and aroma of the wine.Each bottle of wine is unique and requires a different wine glass and storage space.
To truly appreciate and enjoy wine, you must invest in high-quality wine glasses.The size and shape of the wine glasses have a huge impact on the flavor of the wine.The glass is generally composed of three parts: Bowl, stem and foot.
Bowls of different types of wine vary in size, while long stems prevent the body from getting hot.The bowls of wine glasses are wider and more rounded, as complex wine flavors need to be exposed to surface air for better taste.The Bordeaux and Burgundy cups are a necessary part of truly enjoying different types of red wine.
Bordeaux glass is very high, specially designed for allThe wine body is rich, while the wine glass has a wide bowl, which can accumulate the fragrance of light red wine like pinot noir.The wine glasses of white wine vary in shape and must be selected according to the type of wine.The bowl of the wine glass is smaller than the wine glass.
If you like sparkling wine, you can choose a Champagne Cup.The flute is specially designed for the carbonated properties of champagne, so the glass needs to be narrower and narrower.How wine is stored has a direct effect on the taste, color and smell of the wine.
Invest in wine storage equipment such as wine shelves, wine cabinets and wine refrigerators.They are traditionally made of pine or oak, but you can also buy steel or iron racks.Depending on your wine collection, you can choose from anywhere between a small six-bottle wine rack and a modular 100-bottle wine rack.
Wood is a popular choice for wine storage as it is sturdy and has a wide range of styles such as imitation old wood or natural finishes.The wrought iron wine rack is widely used. depending on the decoration of the home, you can choose a stylish modern style wine rack or a gorgeous traditional wine rack.
If you want to enjoy wine, it is essential to choose a good wine storage and wine glass
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