huge wine glass How to Make a Pimp Cup

by:Xinglin     2019-09-14
Made by rapper Jon and legendary scammer Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, the pimple Cup is partially funkyFashion accessories, some wine pots.Usually covered with gold, silver and Stone-From real diamonds to pink rhinestones--These cups are staple food in many bars and are a dazzling addition to any glassware collector.It takes only a few dollars for an old high-foot Cup, a typhoon Cup, an oversized glass or even a fish tank --turned-stemware --Once the glue dries, you will taste your crunk juice with the best glue.
Choose a high-foot Cup or wine glass with a stem.Clean and dry thoroughly.Protect your flat working surface with several layers of newspaper or plastic and place the cup on top with the edge down.Paint a thin layer of metal;Do not spray in the basin.
Apply extra light paint as needed, lift the glass to the light source to make sure there are no missing spots.Let the paint dry completely.When you wait for the paint to solidify, arrange the stones and other glittering decorations on your working surface in the pattern you want.Write down your name, nickname, initials or simply create a sparkling pattern.
Ideally, leave a small amount of space on the top edge to make it easier to drink;Do not plan to cover the whole cup with stones.Take a dry cup so you can look directly at the Basin of it.Gently mark the middle position of the cup with chalk or pencilpoints --Top, bottom, left and right--So you can apply the pattern more symmetrical.
You may also need to create some additional tags, such as creating a horizontal line around its perimeter to apply letters.If the pencil marks are not hidden by the decorative accent, you can delete them later.Stick your stone pattern to the Cup with a small but enough super glueGlue for each stone.
Wait patiently, take a moment and be careful to place glue and stones so they are straight and symmetrical in shape.Working in small parts allows the stone to dry on one side before moving to the other side.Let the glue and gems dry thoroughly and then use more super-glue.
To completely heal, leave the cup outside for the night.Erase or gently erase any remaining marks of pencil or chalk.Wash the interior of the basin with soap and water, be careful not to flood the exterior decoration.
Your Pizza Cup is ready for use now.
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