huge wine glass How to Make Wine Glass Candles

by:Xinglin     2019-09-15
Wine glass candles are a great choice when you need a simple, elegant center or gift, they are easy to make at home and give them extra touch from handmade items.If you don't want to pour the candle in your glasses yourself, you can also decorate your stemware with pillar candles or tea lights.For candles poured into the wine glass, you need the wine glass or flute, liquid measuring cup, rubbing alcohol, lintFree cloth, candles-Make a wooden spoon or stick for wax, cotton core suction, Wick label, pencil or pin, double boiler and stirring wax.
Make sure your glassware is heat resistant at 190 degrees or higher.To determine how much wax you need, fill the glass with water, reach the height required for the candle, and then pour the water into the measuring cup.Dry the glass and wipe it with alcohol and a soft cloth to remove any oil on the surface.
Melt the wax in the double furnace in the case of low heat, stir frequently and observe carefully.As you wait for it to melt, fix a wick label at one end of the cotton core suction, which is 1 inch longer than the entire depth of the glass bowl.Wrap the other end of the wick with a pencil.
Add any color or fragrance you want when the wax melts.Pour a small amount of wax into the glass bowl and cover the bottom of about 1/4.Allow it to be set and then place the Wick label on top.
Tighten the wick and adjust the packaging around the pencil as needed.When you pour the wax slowly, tilt the glass a little.This helps to prevent ugly bubbles from forming in candles.
When you reach the top of the candle, keep the glass upright.Let the wax cool and install, then use a hair dryer to smooth the top surface.Clip the Wick 1/4 above the wax surface.One way to put a candle in your glass is to fill the glass with decorations, beads, buttons or other decorations.
Pour the glass over and put it on the table, cover the items in the bowl with a thin piece of cardboard, and you can slide out when the glass is placed on the surface of the table.Put a pillar candle on the upper foot of the stem.Another option is to fill the glass bowl with sand or pebbles and then add decorations such as shells or flowers around the tea light.
You can also stick the curled wires to the bottom of the tea light Cup and hang them on the edge of the glass
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