metal jewellery box online Hairdresser pursues Penny and Phillip's pendant reunion after 37 years

by:Xinglin     2019-09-06
Good news, Penny and Philip.That sterling silverxa0One of you lost the pendant 37 years ago;Paul Musson found it and he wanted to give it back to you.Pendantxa0Hidden, sir.xa0Musson's jewelry boxxa0He didn't find out until last weekxa0"I wish Penny, Philip, Christmas.xa079 "and was inspired to return it to the owner.
Musson said he found the pendant.
xa0On a sidewalk in Launceston on 1980.
"I just follow onexa0The trail somewherexa0And Ixa0"Pick it up and put it in my pocket," said Mr. Musson ."."I don't look at the back at all.xa0Go home and throw it in my jewelry box and then Ixa0I didn't forget it until last week 37 years laterxa0After looking at it, there is also an inscription.Mr. Musson, the owner of a hair salon on Chevron Island, has been living inxa0Gold Coastxa0Ofxa0The past 31 yearsxa0Currently visiting the state of Tasmania while on vacation.
xa0Sayxa0It will be a dream come truexa0Reunionxa0Before he returns to Gold Coast next week, the pendant is with its owner."It's been hidden for 37 years, so it's going to be great, isn't it?"I hope the owner can find it and I hope they are still together --I would be happy if we found the owner
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