one cigarette in the ashtray Using fines to curb bad behaviour

by:Xinglin     2019-08-28
As Keenan, founder of Australian Clean Day, said: individuals must take more responsibility for their actions.He urged local councils to take the issue more seriously.Littering cigarette butts is illegal under the 2007 garbage act, and if matteris is prosecuted, a maximum fine of $240 is imposed.
The state's charges are far from enough and the fines are not enforced.On-the-The authorities can get a $120 on-site fine, but while it is difficult for the police to do so, the amount of the fine is not large.The maximum fine for littering is up to $2400, but let's face it, how many times has this happened?Increase fines and increase law enforcement.
Of course, people need to be constantly educated and take responsibility for their own waste, whether it's garbage or a bridge that falls off the car, but heavy emotions will always attract people's attention.A small amount of heroin, cocaine or drugs found in Singapore will be sentenced to death. In Singapore, litters will be fined $1000.
The third type of crime means that criminals are also forced to sweep the street, with a sign "I am garbage" hanging around their necks.Fines will be imposed for not flushing toilets in Singapore.Ian Kiernan's frustration proves that we are losing a war and we are losing our position as cleangreen.
The clean and green state is our asset.
In addition to tourism and wilderness, Tasmania is not economically there.We should cultivate it and discredit anyone who deliberately threatens our livelihood.As Mr Kiernan said, if we don't clean up our visitors, they will find somewhere else where residents are proud of the local environment.
This is a very serious problem.
If the general takes-Besides the tourists, the place is dirty and we will get the third place reputation for being dirty.Think about it, think about your life, the next time you just throw your ass out of the car or throw garbage on the side of the road
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