two cigarettes in an ashtray chords How to Make a Cigarette Box

by:Xinglin     2019-09-14
Instead of simply using the cigarettes you buy to put in one place, it's more fashionable to make a box that can be used repeatedly by yourself.Making your own box will add a personal feel to where you keep your cigarette, and you are free to decorate it in any way you choose.Draw a template for your box on a building sheet.
If you have a machine, you can also use thin enough aluminum to bend for a box that lasts longer, but thick enough to prevent crushing.Use solid lines for places to be cut, and dotted lines for places to be folded.The template can also be printed and used as a reference and should be a 2D version of the box you are going to create.
Cut the outline of the expand box from the material you are using.Be careful not to touch the lines you will fold.These should be separate now.Note that the bottom of the box is slightly larger than the top.
This is not an error that should be stated when cutting.Fold all the dotted lines away from you, and the dotted lines at the top separate the different parts you are going to fold and glue.To be clear, mark the different labels you will use.
The section at the top of the center is the I tab.Below is the "j" section, followed by the "f" section.The next two sections can be left empty.The part after the two blank parts is the "B" part.
The top left corner is the g tab.
Below is the "e" tab followed by the "h", "d", "a" and "c" tabs.The untagged label on the right side of the box is the same as the label tag on the left.Gently mark different parts with a pencil.
Paste the bottom label "a" onto the inside of the bottom of the label "B.To increase stability, glue these labels together.By sticking the "c" side together, the "d" side flaps.
Stick the "e" flap to the lower side of the top of the "f" flap.Next, place the side "g" of the lid on the "h" flap and fold the I lip in front of the lid.The "G" flap should stick to the nearby "h" flap.
Insert a piece of cardboard into the package and stick it to the back of the box to increase the strength of the overall structure.This part is not necessary if you choose to use aluminum
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