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by:Xinglin     2019-09-04
Chocolate Diamonds are one of many "colored" diamonds.They are rare and valuable, adding a bit of grade to any piece of jewelry.Read this article to learn more about these wonderful gems!--It is clear from the above quote that this article is related to chocolate and diamonds.
Does this make you happy?It gets better!Imagine the combination of the two!Yes, that's right!This article will take you into the glittering world of chocolate diamonds!Lose yourself in the glitz and glamour of all this!As you already know, diamonds are probably the most precious gems you want to have.They are basically stones dug up from the mine, cut and polished until when we see them in the store they look sparkling and amazing.There are many colors of diamonds.White (or colorless) is the most common variety.
However, almost every color of the rainbow has diamonds --Yellow, pink, green, purple, black, blue, red, gray and brown.The red diamond is the rarest.But what we're looking at here is brown.These days, gorgeous rustic diamonds decorated with quite a few fingers, ears and necks.Let's solve the technical problems at the beginning, shall we?These "brown" diamonds are colored due to the equal spacing of nitrogen atoms in the stone carbon lattice.
The higher the concentration of the atom, the Stone will appear.These brown diamonds are not easy to find and are easily mistaken for gems of other colors.They are mainly found in diamond mines in Australia (about 0.
1% of the total number of diamonds mined there ).They come in a variety of color combinations, from dark to light, in the same color series.Therefore, brown diamonds are now known by many other names, depending on the strength of the stone Brown.
Dark brown, for example, is called a "cafe"©Diamonds or diamonds with green tones in them are called "cognac diamonds ".The lighter-colored brown diamond is named "champagne diamond" and so on.Different jewelry stores have come up with different names for these "fancy diamonds" to promote sales.
However, this does not eliminate the fact that they are essentially exquisite stones for people looking for "different things.Also, you can rest assured that there is little chance that these stones will become conflict stones because they are not developed in these areas.When LeVian company, the popularity of brown diamonds has increased.
Founded by Mr.
Abdulrahim LeVian effectively labeled their brown diamonds as "Chocolate Diamonds" and started a wide range of activities.Perfectly utilizing the appeal of two of the most irresistible objects LeVian Corp.Of course, great achievements have been made in the jewelry industry with these secular colored stones.
And so began the frenzy of these darkness.Color Diamond, it's still one.While many other jewelry companies are trying to use the word "chocolate diamond" for their own jewelry collection, LeVian still has an exclusive monopoly, and LeVian chocolate diamonds are definitely worth more in the market than other brown diamonds.What better way to show your loved woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with her than a chocolate diamond ring!It is beautiful and rare, it can be beautifully inlaid on a gold or platinum base to express how much you cherish her.
Ah!Perfect gift for your mom or sister!You can choose from many different gorgeous necklace designs.If you're not sure if they like the necklace, go and buy a pendant that you think best complements their face and body structure.If you buy one for yourself, you can choose a stone full necklace, or a pendant with a large brown stone surrounded by white or other gems, placed on a gold or other base.
The chocolate diamond necklace is the perfect choice for formal events such as a formal dinner or an important meeting.Buy a perfect pair of shiny earrings to match your necklace.It completes the setting and lets your face shine.
The best thing is that you can wear a pair of colored earrings even without a necklace.Just wear simple studs and elegant bracelets with a suit and you will immediately look professional, female and stylish!What do you think?Are you ready to buy these irresistible gems?They are a great gift idea if not yourself!So if you're thinking of a unique way to propose to your girlfriend, but don't want to use cliché©Pick up the Dragon and give her an engagement ring with chocolate diamonds inside.It will be different from others and it will show her how precious she is to you.
She will definitely like it.
For others reading this, these diamonds are perfect for any special occasion, or just to show how important your loved one is to you.Here's a tip: take it as a gift of apology and you'll be forgiven soon!No one gets angry when women get jewelry, and diamonds are definitely top of the list
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