where to buy hand held mirrors How to Hand Engrave Metal

by:Xinglin     2019-09-21
Metal carving is a process that is widely used.Engrave your name or initials on metal tools and equipment to identify them as your property, etching artwork on metal objects, jewelry and souvenirs, or making metal signage or cardsWith an electric engraving, you can carve on hand-painted metal, or you can use a template engraving.Hand-The hand-held electric engraving is affordable and usually has a point with a carbide tip that can be carved effectively and easily.
You can use them on glass, wood, plastic or ceramics.Plan your design and outline it on metal so you can follow the shapes and lines when carving.There are several options for outlining your design on metal.
Use crayons to hand-draw on metal or follow along the edge of a template cut;Print the design on the label paper, then you can cut it out like a template and stick it to the metal as a carved outline;Or use transfer paper to transfer your design directly from the paper to the metal surface.Place the metal on a solid working surface and start engraving.Take a carving knife like a pencil.Always use light, consistent pressure.Sculpt the outline first.Fill the shape by continuous adjacent lines.
Create shadows by making the set of lines that are gradually scattered and then disappear.For shading, use lines parallel to the natural form and shape of the image to create more dimensional appearance.Stop occasionally during this process, wipe the surface with a soft cloth and remove the dust.
Pick up this piece to check your progress.See if you missed any areas so you can go back and fix them.Clean the residual wax from wax paper or label paper with oil remover.
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