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by:Xinglin     2019-08-30
Your precious jewelry can be stored in a variety of exquisite handmade wooden jewelry boxes.Look at some of the styles of these boxes.Handmade wooden cases are very popular in the Renaissance and Elizabethan times, and this fashion is also rising in modern times.
They are very stylish and made of different kinds of wood for a completely different feel and shape.The company has spent a lot of time bringing handmade jewelry boxes to the market, which is a push for the otherwise small company.scale industry.The finish of these jewelry boxes is better than what we used to get.
Beauty and functionality have been integrated in an effective way, and the lost crafting process has been rejuvenated.These shapes and sizes are available, and in addition to serving for ulterior motives, you will certainly get one that meets your aesthetic needs.Boxes are available for both men and women.
There are boxes with internal partitions and one for each piece of jewelry.They also provide enough space to store valuables such as necklaces and watches.These are one-of-a-Exquisite jewelry box because of its classic look, just like a family souvenir.
These boxes are made of a single piece of solid wood.There is no joint, and the box is not made of thin wooden strips.They have no seams and the covers of these boxes are carefully made.
It was cut off from a piece of wood.
Then, cut out, polished and sealed the internal pockets for a better finish.The top of the box is decorated digitally, or sometimes a burr is kept on the finish to make it look more rustic.The shape of the band saw jewelry box is similar to the "whale game", and there is also a storage space where the handle can pull out the drawer type.
The main body and handle of the "tsunami" jewelry box are made of cherry wood.It has four drawers to meet the storage needs of all your jewelry.This jewelry box is made of cherry wood and Sapele.
Unique design, as the name suggests, this double drawer box is like the waves of the ocean.Each drawer in this box is divided into two compartments, so it is a good choice to store jewelry, money and other small items.The trinket box is smaller than the jewelry box with legs and accents.
Although it is small, there is enough storage space to store necklaces, watches, etc.It will look very elegant if you put it on the bedroom or cloak.There are trinket boxes that look like wooden liquid soap containers or salt and pepper containers.
These are all made of innovative shapes such as cubes and cylinders.Men can keep cufflinks, tiepins and more accessories in these boxes.There is a box called "valet" which can open two side covers to store the watch, ring, or put a pair of cufflinks in the space provided.
There is also a space for storing keys and money clips, which will save you from the hassle of all the files and money that are misplaced.You can definitely customize your jewelry box so you can define and design your needs in an important part of the dresser.There are large boxes with a maximum of six drawers, some small to nose cigarette cases.
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