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by:Xinglin     2019-08-29
Will you spend a lot of time with your jewelry box before an occasion, looking for that perfect piece of jewelry to match your clothes?So what you really need is the jewelry closet.Before you buy one for your precious jewelry, check out the plan for the jewelry closet.They say that jewelry is the most precious property for women.
To prevent your jewelry from losing its beauty over time, it is recommended that you clean them regularly.This will prevent the accumulation of dirt and cosmetic residues on jewelry.In addition to that, you must prevent damage to your decorations such as scratches, discoloration, and discoloration.
That's why experts recommend that you keep each piece of jewelry separately to prevent them from rubbing or pestering each other.But how can we keep so much jewelry apart from each other?Where is such a big space?If this is what you would like to know, then please keep reading and learn more about what the jewelry closet is and how it serves your purpose.In Victorian England, before the first jewelry wardrobe was conceptualized, people usually store their jewelry in a jewelry coffin or a handmade jewelry box.
Jewelry closet is a cabinet with several built-inIn the drawer, you can store your trinkets neatly and organized.In addition, it also prepares elegant necklaces, chains, jewelry for youThe belt, bracelet and foot ank nailed to the hook will not be entangled.So, there are separate compartments for your cocktail ring, chandelier earrings, bracelets, small earrings and other items in the jewelry collection.
You can even create some space inside for your favorite watch!Sounds great, don't you?Today you can find them in many different colors and a wide variety of materials.Not only that, you can even choose a wallThis saves floor space.In addition, the use of lights in the closet can increase the surreal light.
You should focus on the jewelry wardrobe plan and remember the jewelry you want to store.In other words, the more jewelry you have, the more compartments your wardrobe needs.Jewelry closet can be any shape you want.Here are some innovative plans for your jewelry wardrobe that will surely catch your eye.
Why not take a look?This is the best option when you choose materials for your jewelry wardrobe.This is because the wooden furniture is very long.Long lasting, no need for much care and maintenance.
When using wood, you can have different colors and textures depending on the wood you choose.People prefer oak, birch, maple, cherry, walnut or pine.In addition, a wooden piece of furniture is easily integrated with the color scheme of most houses.
If you prefer something original and elegant then White is your choice.The White jewelry wardrobe can add to the beauty of your room.Be sure, though, that this piece of furniture does not conflict with the color palette of your room.
In addition, the White jewelry wardrobe needs more maintenance to prevent it from losing its luster.Still, it is worth a visit because it looks very beautiful and stylish.If you like something retro, then you might like a vintage style jewelry wardrobe.
Such exquisite furniture will definitely stand out and bring a special antique feeling to the room.However, it may seem strange in a house that is modern in every way.So, if you're going to move to a new place with a retro vibe, you can choose this place with confidence.
Want to add functionality to your little furniture?Then put a mirror on it.This way, every time you try a different piece of jewelry, you can save the hassle of running to the dresser!Not only that, placing small lights in the strategic position around the wardrobe mirror will give a dreamy glow, making the room more aesthetically appealing.Now that you have ideas for different jewelry wardrobe plans, go and buy one to store all your precious jewelry.
In this way, you can make sure that your trinkets remain beautiful and shiny in the years to come
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