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China International Import Expo and Crafts

China Import Expo and Crafts
  • On November 6, 2018, the world-famous China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai, China. This is a national-level exhibition with the theme of import. It is an international grand event with more than 3,600 companies from 172 countries around the world. This grand event is another sign of progress in China's reform and opening up. It is not only a rare opportunity for domestic enterprises but also for foreign companies.

  • The long-term development of a country, the import and export should maintain an appropriate balance, the import is greater than the export will produce a trade deficit, and the export will be more than the import will produce a trade surplus. The two have not been feasible for a long time, which requires a balance between China and China. The scale of imports and the reform and opening up of related industries are bound to have a big impact on the local industry. Foshan Xinglin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., as a factory and an international foreign trade enterprise, how to overcome these difficulties, as the saying goes: Going back against the water and retreating. The first thing our company must do is to face the tide of reform and opening up, not to stop, not to be determined to make progress, to make appropriate changes and adjustments, in line with modern market rules, and actively forge ahead, Occupy a place in the market. Moreover, the expansion of imports will inevitably lead to an increase in exports. Foshan Xinglin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. will take this train to usher in new opportunities and opportunities.

     With the arrival of this opportunity, Foshan Xinglin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes that enterprises from all over the world will visit and increase business cooperation, so that cooperation will become simpler because of our progress, because it is simpler and more trusting. Let us work together for the sake of a stable and sustainable development of the global economy, and work together to achieve a win-win situation.

  • Excellent service is our aim, quality products, is our guarantee, Foshan Xinglin Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. welcomes you

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