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How to choose the right ashtray?


1 Classification of ashtrays:

Can be divided into glass ashtray, metal ashtray, crystal ashtray, wooden ashtray, ceramic ashtray, resin ashtray.

2 Basic knowledge of buying an ashtray:

1) Although it is an ashtray, the essence is to play the role of the ashtray, so it is necessary to give priority to practicality when purchasing. Generally, the belly is deeper and the ashtray with lid can store the soot better, so that the soot is not easy to fly everywhere; the slot for smoking must hold the cigarette to prevent the cigarette from rolling down, thus avoiding other accidents. In addition, the ashtray should be used in terms of ease of cleaning.

2) Material selection. Glass and ceramic ashtrays are easier to clean, but avoid collisions; metal and plastic are not afraid of collision and falling, but the plot is relatively troublesome. Use a combination of space and personal habits to choose the right material.

3) Personal preferences. Compared with the traditional ashtray, the ashtray incorporates artistic elements and more functions. Therefore, when purchasing, you may wish to choose one that you like, and it will be better to use.

3 Matching knowledge of ashtrays:

1) The size of the ashtray placement space: Height is the basis for determining the specifications. Generally speaking, the size and height of the placement are proportional to the space.

2) The color of the ashtray: the color around the placement point is the basis for determining its color. There are two commonly used methods, one with a harmonious color and the other with a contrast color. The color closer to the placement point (the color of the same color system) is a harmonious color, such as red with pink, white with gray, yellow with orange, and so on. The color that is stronger than the point pair is contrast color, such as black with white, blue with yellow, white with green, etc.

3) Ashtray furnishings: The shape of the furniture is the basis for determining the shape of the ashtray. The conventional formula is a square formula with a round shape, but if the contrast is used, the effect is more unique, such as the red round formula, horizontal With vertical, complex shapes and simple shapes.

4) The combination of light in the ashtray placement space: The light in the position of the ashtray is the basis for determining its brightness and darkness. We usually place the ashtray in a light place where the color of the ashtray can be dark. Put the color brighter.

5) Ashtray Jewelry Combination: The function of the ashtray placement space is the basis for determining the type of jewelry. What kind of jewelry should be placed in this space, the function of this space must be considered, and flowers can be placed on the table, and the fruit can be placed. wine set.

4 Cleaning and maintenance of the ashtray:

Cleaning the ashtray: The ashtray can be rinsed in clean water and brushed clean with a brush. The ashtray will have a yellow tar trace after a long time, and it can be removed by vinegar soaking. Also note that do not wipe the surface of the ashtray with a hard object such as steel wire to avoid damaging the surface pattern.

Maintenance of the ashtray: Clean frequently and keep the appearance of the ashtray clean and tidy.

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