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Notice about the company employees participating in the marathon subsidy


Company departments:

The health of the whole people is an important manifestation of the country's comprehensive strength and an important indicator of economic and social development and progress. National fitness is an important way and means to achieve the health of the whole people, and is the basic guarantee for all people to enhance their physical and happy life. Implementing the national fitness program is an important development strategy for the country.

In order to actively respond to the national fitness program for the country, the company decided to make the following notice:

1. All colleagues who have been employed for 6 months will participate in the half marathon award of RMB 500/time, participate in the full marathon award of RMB 1,000/time, participate in the mini marathon, such as the “Swan Swan Lake 24th Festival Run” reward RMB 200 yuan / time. The above rewards are in the safe end of the game, regardless of the results!

2. Each entry needs to be submitted to the General Manager's Office for approval one month in advance, and fill out the “Employee Participation Grant Application Form”. After the approval, the company will increase the entry insurance insurance for the participating employees!

This notice is effective as of March 1, 2019, and is hereby notified!



Signature or seal of legal person: Chen Lina

Time: 2019-3-1

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