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Notice on improving the company's employee benefits


Notice on improving the company's employee benefits

Dear all staff:

   The establishment of an enterprise is inseparable from the entrepreneurial partners who work diligently and with the same efforts; the development of the enterprise       requires the continuous supply of fresh blood. In order to reflect the company's "people-oriented" management philosophy, and gradually implement the implementation     of employee care, the study decided that from February 19, 2019, the following two employee benefits will be added.

 一. Annual employee medical examination

1. Scope of participation: all formal employees of the company (excluding employees during the probation period)

2. Medical examination period: once a year (time to be notified)

3. Organization: The General Finance Department will notify you separately.

 二. Employee comprehensive accident insurance and traffic accident insurance

1: Scope of participation: all official employees of the company (excluding employees during the trial period)

2: Protection methods: group accidental injury 500,000, car train accidental injury 200,000, aviation accident 500,000, accidental medical care 50,000 (specific content consulting integrated finance department)

3: Guarantee period: During the employee's employment, the company purchases each year, and after the employee leaves the company, the next year is invalid.

4: Guarantee costs: As a unique welfare policy of the company, the company is wholly-owned for employees.

5: Effective date: February 19, 2019

6: Underwriting company: China Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


Dear friends, the development of the company is inseparable from the joint efforts of each of our employees. With the gradual development of the company, the employee welfare system will also become more and more perfect. As long as everyone works together, it will be able to achieve a small build. I".

Finally, I wish every employee: good health and happy family.

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