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What is the blackening of the surface of zinc alloy die castings?


Zinc alloy die-casting is a relatively sophisticated casting method. However, in the process we use, it is often found that some zinc alloy die-casting parts tend to blacken. Why is this? Let's take a look at it:

1. Process design is unreasonable

Zinc alloy precision die-casting processing during cleaning or improper inspection after pressure inspection is one of the important reasons for accelerating the black mold change of zinc alloy die-casting parts.

2. Warehouse management is not in place

In working storage, we store zinc alloy die-cast parts at different heights in the warehouse, and the mildew conditions are different. Because the air temperature is not the same as the different heights, they are not the same degree of mold. The higher the place, the more dry and the lower the mold, the less the situation is coming.

3. Internal factors

Many zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers do not do any cleaning treatment after the die-casting machine processing, or simply flush with water, can not be thoroughly cleaned, and the residual corrosive stains on the surface accelerate the blackening speed of the aluminum alloy die-casting parts. Therefore, it should be cleaned in time after use.

It can be seen that the above three points are the reasons for the blackening of the surface during the precision die casting of zinc alloy. After reading so much, have all of the friends already mastered these reasons? It is important to note that in our daily life, the use of die-casting parts requires appropriate cleaning and maintenance to improve the service life of zinc alloy precision die-casting.

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